Local Man Reveals Consequences Of Evolution

Debate over science opens! Finally, we can learn the truth about evolution! Is it a communist plot to destroy our nation? Or simply solid science? Let’s ask local resident Robert Frey:

That’s interesting. I’m not sure why he would bring a large bone replica to a meeting on science standards. Insufficient bone structure education? Lack of dinosaur study?

Uh-oh! What “pseudo-science” has this man uncovered? And what does the bone have to do with it?

You know, he’s right. Nobody ever told me about our tree-sized ancestors. And I never realized the earth was so young! What has this faulty education done to me?

:eek: I knew it! All this evolution nonsense is just an excuse for the anti-good lobby to spread their message of sexual promiscuity and destroy the minds of children! Finally the truth is revealed thanks to the brave Robert Frey!

Remember, folks. The next time someone tries to tell you that we need to teach evolution in public schools, give 'em a good dose of the truth. Together we can fight ignorance and destroy the myths surrounding evolution!

What amazes me is that the education boards in parts of the US are actually DEBATING the issue of evolution vs creation science.

Certainly here in Aus, it is a complete non-issue…individual schools might (rarely) opt to teach creationism but they are the fringe fundy sort. NO mainstream school and NO education boards would ever even consider disputing the basic principles of evolutionary science.

You have to remember that our school boards are locally controlled and rarely attract much voting, so it’s very, very, VERY easy for the Local Yokels to take control and then we have issues like this.

Ah, so the Nephilum disprove evolution. I shoulda known.

Sorry, I meant Nephilim.

Goddammit, I’m an evolutionary ecologist, and it hasn’t increased my promiscuity! On top of that, I got a 29 on the freaking ACT! I want my money back!

It’s cause you got a girl’s name. :smiley: Everyone knows evolution favors those with names like Beefy Mcrockjaw.

Sign me,

Slabby Mansteak

Chad McSlabbody! Big McLargeHuge!

Bold Bigflank! Thick McRunfast!

It’s all true, I tell ya! - The evil atheist communist nazi anti-god conspiracy also wants people to stop believing in alien abductions, which I can prove are real by means of a small model of a flying saucer.

“Frey linked the teaching of evolution to increasing teenage sexual activity”

Nothing made me hornier when I was a teen than hearing about genetics and natural selection. “Origin Of Species, oh yeah!!! Ooooh yeah, naturally select me to stick it to you! I got yer ‘common descent’ right here baby!”

:smiley: Bwaahahahahaha. Okay, Revtim, blowing wine out my nose burned!

o/` Reproduction! I don’t even knooow what a pistil is!

I got your pistil right here, baby! o/`

Okay…having revealed way too much knowledge about Grease 2, I hereby slink back into the shadows…

Y’know, if our species has produced creatures like this Frey, I do have to wonder whether “survival of the fittest” makes sense anymore…

… of course, I guess “fit” and “intelligent” aint necessarily synonymous.

Man, all the sudden I want to change my screen name.

Sadly, I know a strict creationist who got a 33 on his ACT.

But I’m an “evolutionist,” and I got a 34. :wink:

In fairness to him, he was almost half-right about one thing.

Turns out, increased sexual activity causes evolution. :wink:

“Believers in evolutionary theory make better lovers.”

It just begs to be on a bumpersticker.

I got a 30 and I’m a "Don’t Give A Shit"ist.

Yecke and co. are still consternating over this issue? Jebus H Christ, if you want your children to learn pseudo-scientific non-sense in biology class, spend your own fucking money and send them to a religious school.(obviously not referring to anyone here) Phhh, equal time :rolleyes: , there are no competing theories…why no equal time for my demon-haunted world theory of disease, then? Huh, huh? Germ theory, feh :wink:

“Evolutionists do it in deep time”