Local McDonald's removed all the doors to their public restroom stalls, illegal? [fixed title]

The McDonald’s next to my work which I’ll occasionally use the restroom in during my lunch break recently took all the doors off the public restroom stalls (3 stalls total) citing illegal activities being done in the closed stalls.

It’s got me wondering, I believe in California at least (where this is) isn’t this illegal in some way? Maybe violating some ADA thing since the handicap stall also had it’s door removed?

It’s definitely a requirement for employee toilets. I’m not sure for those provided to customers.

Employee and customer toilets are typically the same restrooms in fast food places.

In the 1973 movie Walking Tall the sheriff gets even with a judge who warns cronies of search warrant details by moving his office - to the men’s room of the courthouse. The men’s room has an open row of toilets, no stall dividers.

Gary Lautens was a columnist for the Toronto Star, who once wrote about his visit to Moscow in the 1970’s. His wife came back from the washroom complaining it was an open row of toilets, and all the women were staring at her - they wanted to see what western underwear looked like. He says “why didn’t you leave?” She replies “What? And miss the chance to see what Soviet underwear looks like?”

I don’t think I’d want to use wide-open toilets, but apparently they were not uncommon - at least once upon a time.

I fail to see how removing a potential obstacle (the door) would be a violation. (If somebody has an unusually large wheelchair, for example, the door could be a hindrance to free and easy movement.)

A convenience store in New Kensington PA made headlines by putting blue lights in their bathrooms. It’s very difficult to see veins under blue light.


I ain’t a poopin’ in that McDonald’s, nossir.

Lessn’ it’s a quarter-pounder emergency. :ambulance:

Or a really Big Mac

Six Chicken Nuggets?

I remember USAF basic training. Sitting side by side taking a shit. No stalls–just a row of toilets.

We had stalls in Navy bootcamp. I’m pretty sure we even had doors on the stalls. This was in Great Lakes in the 80s.

80s here, too. I remember every 4 or 6 toilets there was a divider. No doors. Of course, it may have been before barracks renovations. Long time ago, huh?

Air Force? Nah, those guys get private bathrooms. :grinning:

The Navy has stalls=

The Army - just a row of toilets.

Marines- a shovel and some leaves.

^^Maybe now the AF does, but not back then.

But yeah–the Air Force is known for luxury :slight_smile:

Foghorn Leghorn “It’s a joke, son, a joke.”

I was there in '87, No doors where we were at the far end of the base.

I know.

Air Force has always been joked about. Doesn’t bother me.

In Boy Scout camp we were all perched over a big pit - inside at least. And if you tour the ruins of Ephesus
there are examples of ancient toilets.
Here’s one. SFW.

The boys’ lockerroom at my high school had divders between the toilets, but no doors on the stalls. Everyone was loath to use thos toilets, even the jocks. The boys’ restrooms in the rest of the school had doors. Judging by their horrified reactions when they found out about this all the girls toilets has stall doors.

In the summer of '85 at Great Lakes there were no doors on the stalls in the head in our barracks. The doorless stalls were all against one long wall, so unless someone walked past, they wouldn’t see a thing.
In our company we settled on a courtesy where a guy set his white guard belt or notebook on the floor in front of the stall, and the other guys would know not to leave the guy in peace.

The first time we went to the drill hall for drill practice I was horrified to see that they had no doors and no stalls there: it was just a big room with toilets bolted on the wall.
I still can remember my friend and I seated side by side and looking at each other saying “It ain’t working, is it?” and “Nope…”

I then learned to never ever be in a position to need the bathroom at the drill hall.