Locating the Intl. Space Station in the past

I found several websites for finding the ISS’s current location. Is there an archive which shows its past orbital track and location(s)? Specifically, for last Fri. July 13 at 11pm EST. Thanks!

I’m not sure about websites, but the open-source planetarium program Stellarium has a satellite plug-in (installed by default) that shows it. You can just plug in your location and time and search for Zarya (ISS).

The best I can do is http://www.heavens-above.com/ which can display past passes but only for a given location. There was not a pass for Chicago (so probably not for Ohio) at that time.

Wolfram Alpha can do that : http://m.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=location+of+international+space+station+on+July+13%2C2012+at+11%3A00+pm+eST&x=0&y=0

Many thanks! What I thought was the International Space Station clearly wasn’t; it would’ve been below the horizon at the time.