Locking thread instead of warnings?

In a circumstance like this, wouldn’t it make more sense to issue warnings to the offenders rather than killing the thread for everyone? Now it’s not even easy to quote relevant, interesting comments in a new thread.

If it helps, there is a thread about the topic in Great Debates (although it’s technically about the media coverage of these comments). You can quote posts from other threads using the multi-quote button, the one on the lower right that has a little plus sign.

Nope. Not from a locked thread.

Ah, sorry. I can do that, but I guess non-mods can’t.

Braggart. :wink:

Ah, phooey, I didn’t know that either. Let me take another look at that thread and I’ll see if I can reopen it.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Okey doke, I reopened the thread. I will, however, start issuing warnings if people get out of hand.