thread locking

Top 10 (or so) reasons that a thread might be locked, please.

Not in any particular order:
(1) At the request of the OP, because a question has been asked and answered.
(2) Because the thread has devolved into a name-calling spree (outside the Pit) and there seems no way to get it back on track.
(3) Because some outside event has interfered – e.g., a thread speculating about some movie, and then the movie comes out. The speculation thread (especially if long) could be locked and a link to the new thread provided.
(4) Because the thread is inappropriate – e.g., a thread about why blacks are inferior intellectualy.
(5) Because the responses are inappropriate – e.g., a person says they are gay but afraid to come out and therefore is depressed, and there are responses like “You shouldn’t be gay, it’s a sin.”
(6) Because there is some behind-the-scenes incident or request from the OP.
(7) Because the thread has run its course and there’s just endless repetition.
(8) Because there is a duplicate thread on the same topic. Sometimes, the two can be merged; other times, the nature of the posts/responses would cause considerable confusion if the threads were merged, so one is locked with a link to the other.

Them’s a few that come to tmind.

  1. Because a Mod is just in one of those inexplicable moods.

  2. Because this particular poster is on a Mod’s shit-list.

(Purely in the interest of completeness, Dex.)

thread locking time of the month

:rolleyes: Geez, does everything in this forum have to turn into a whine-fest?

From this post, apparently yes.

[moderator warning]
You know better than this, PRR. If you wish to complain about specific moderator actions (including this one), open a thread of your own, don’t disrupt someone else’s.
[/moderator warning]

  1. Zombie threads–ie, old threads bumped back to the front page in some forums
  2. Spammers–but they usually get deleted.
  1. Because the thread is too trivial.
  1. Because the thread is asking for specific medical or legal advice that’s best left to professionals.
  1. Because a thread is asking about something illegal (e.g., how do I grow pot in my basement)

  2. Because a thread is asking how to circumvent employer/other restrictions (e.g., I want to surf from work but they have a firewall)

  3. Because an unlocked thread shot my paw

  1. Some trollish threads, particularly when the OP seems to have walked away.