Login dialog box changed for the worse lately?

It seems the Login Dialog box has changed – several times – in just the last few days. Every time I see a login box that looks different than I remember, I wonder if the site has been hijacked and maybe I shouldn’t type in my name and password?

Anyway, the change a week or so ago actually looked better. But the change more recently (just yesterday, 3/2/2021?) is worse. The text in the box doesn’t even fit within the boundaries of the box any more.

The login and create new account dialogs look OK to me currently?



Can you elaborate on what exactly is wrong?

Okay, I see the problem – PEBCAK. Somehow my browser was set to display at 130% size, and the stuff in the dialog box doesn’t fit in the box at that size. (And strangely, when I change from 120% to 130%, the dialog box changes its size and aspect ratio, but that doesn’t matter much. The insides aren’t going to fit anyway.)

What happened to last week’s login dialog? That looked nice.