Logitech can burn in hell

I go to their website and find the “Quickcam Express” which is specified as having 640x480 resolution and seems reasonably priced. So I go and buy one and install it in my computer only to find out the thing most certainly does not have 640x480 resolution or anything that comes close to that. The booklet that comes with it has the same instructions in dozens of languages so they have absolutely no space to tell you exactly what the specs are on the item you got. Sneaky, It seems Logitech does the bait 'n switch by using the same model name for different models and the one I got is pure crap. Not only is it pure hardware crap, it has also installed a boatload of software crap in my computer, including RealCrap, which I hate among other things because it has spyware. After spending quite a while cleaning up the mess I go back to their website in an attempt to contact them and let them know my feelings but they probably already know how their customers feel because they provide no email and only a toll phone number. They obviously do not want to hear my feelings. Fine, I am returning the crappera to the store tomorrow and see if I ever even consider buying Logicrap again. May they burn in hell.

But… but if they burn in hell, from where will I get my high quality optical mice?

Microsoft… personally I like the Intellimouse series far more than the optical incarnations of the mousemen or whatever Logitech calls their mice these days.

(Disclaimer, my opinion not nessecarily based on fact or even slight consideration for yours, people who want to bash bash M$ please send all your email directly to Bill Gates he will appreciate it far more than I do)

I had one of those. It CAN capture images at 640x480. but only as still images and not video. Also, the quality of those captures is still horrible. The overall quality of ANYTHING captured by that camera is horrible. It is also extremely sensitive to light (you need a lot of it if you want to get decent images). But hey, what did you expect for such a low price? Good webcams cost hundreds of dollars and if you want a decent one, I recommend you take a look at the Intel Pro Pc camera series. Mine costed $100 when I bought it and it’s waaaaay better than my old quickcam. The resolutions are the same but the image quality is much much better.

Rant on…

Logitech makes Microsoft’s mice.

Therefore, Bo Diddley, Logitech has Microsoft by the mouseballs.

Now where’s that damned saladshooter?

I like logitech, in fact I love all mouse manufacturers; the more clutter they put in my system tray (oooo, a little icon that follows the cursor with its eyes!), the more inane cursors they impose (unless you turn off the driver and lose the extra buttons), the happier I am.

I had never heard this. You’re sure about this?

I finally reached them and they said

which is as misleading as it gets. It does not state the sensor resolution at all and then says it can “capture an image up to 640x480” which is NOT true. It captures less than that and then interpolates. I can do that and blow it up to a gazillion pixels but the result is crap.

I love my Microsoft Trackball Explorer. Mmmm. Optical.

I’ve done some freelance work for Kensington, a competitor for Logitech. Dunno about cameras and such, but Kensington’s mice and trackballs are at least equal to Logitech’s, in my opinion.

The only reason I have a QuickCam is because it came free with my roommate’s computer and she gave it to me. I like being able to take quick pictures of stuff, but yeah, the quality is pure crap.

But on the bright side, I can fold little sombreros for it.

Me neither, I’d like to know more.