LogMeIn goes pay. Thoughts?

I’ve been accessing my work computer remotely using LogMeIn for around six months now. I use it maybe once a week, but when I do it saves me a drive (12 minutes) to my office.

Yesterday I got a email explaining that the free version was being dropped immediately. :frowning:

Thoughts? What are others doing? Personally, I have my credit card in hand and am about to pay up.

This was discussed on another message board I frequent and here were some of their thoughts:
Teamviewer will still do full 32 bit colors when using the free version and doesn’t seem to be throttled on bandwidth.

VPN into your network and use Splashtop or other RDP-protocol client.

[Windows Remote Assistant](http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-is-windows-remote-ass i stance#1TC=windows-7)
I only used it once and that was a long while ago and I’m not sure about these alternative solutions, but thought I’d throw their ideas out there for others to bolster/shut down.

I’m also going to Teamviewer.

OK, I’ve heard others are switching to TeamViewer. But I really like LogMeIn and have grown accustomed to the interface. Damn.

We’ve got ~500 computers in our LogMeIn Central account, with ~50 of those being Pro accounts, and the rest are free. Since we have them linked through Central the free accounts won’t get dropped, but we also can’t add any new ones. The Windows version of Ignition has been buggy for years and seems to be getting worse. YMMV.

I’ve been messing with TeamViewer since last week and really like that it has file transfer capability built-in (LogMeIn Free doesn’t). In fact I’d say I like it better than LogMeIn. I just don’t know how well the service scales, or if it has an account-based launcher like Ignition.

This is a bit like when… crap, what was the FTP client everyone used? I can’t even find it on WikiPedia’s list… abruptly went commercial-only, and we all simply moved to identical products like FileZilla. You kind of have to wonder if they’ve forgotten the reason to provide freeware versions… I think they get some new VP who decides all those freeloaders are cutting into sales.

I’d bet there is a good list of companies who cut their freeware version and folded soon after…

I haven’t made up my mind yet. I already use Hamachi and really had no complaints when that went to a paid version. The paid version for LogMeIn is going to be much more expensive than the $20/yr for Hamachi, though, and I’ve only been recommending LogMeIn to clients because it was a free option. We sometimes log in remotely to do accounting work on a client’s computers.

I’m going to have to research other options, but with the change coming so quick, and in the middle of the tax season, I think I’ll have no choice but to pay for a year so that I can do the research and implementation in the summer, when I have more time.

It looks like Teamviewer would require us to buy a license for our use, so that’s not going to be a good substitute.