Lohikeitto (Finnish salmon soup)

It’s really good, but a warning: Use fresh, not canned, salmon, for this, or you’re going to be picking salmon vertebrae out of it.

(Did I ruin anyone’s appetite? Sorry.)

That sounds really good and would probably work with a lot of seafood. I’d add a few fresh clams and/or mussels. And I’ll bet finishing it with a squeeze of lemon just before serving would really balance it out. A drop or two of fish sauce would be tempting as well.

I’m done with canned salmon. Even without the annoying bones, it’s just so inferior to fresh: mushy texture and super fishy flavor. I’d sooner leave salmon out and double the potatoes and carrots than use canned.

Any soup with that much butter and cream would probably taste great, though not optimal for your arterial lumina.

I didn’t have any cream, so I used milk. It was still good (although bony!).