London ex-pats should get PS2 and Getaway

Well having been away from London for a few years now, I just discovered the excellent virtual London to be found in the PS2 game called Getaway. I don’t think the game itself is fantastic, but the simulation of driving in London was a real home-sickness cure. Especially because in this virtual world you can ease stress by driving down the pavements of Oxford Street through the busy shoppers :wink:
Cheers, Bippy

do you sit on the left & drive on the left side of the street?

Nope sit on the right and drive on the left side of the street, as god intended :wink:
Though in London there are so many one way streets that this doesn’t matter so much.

I gotta admit, it was a very intense game. (I just finished it). Lots of riding at high speeds against heavy traffic. Its sorta like GTAIII with a more realistic physics engine. Took me awhile to jack cars from the side with the driver.

Although I did not know that Londoners could regenerate from bullet wounds by leaning against a wall for a minute or two. Amazing thing!

I wonder if you get a bill for $8 each time you’re in London?

Anyway, does it have a text option? cause I just can’t play speech only option games. thanks

It does have a subtitles setting if you want it.
But the speech is some of the best.
As you write off another innocents car and drive off you might hear
“Hey, wait I need to get your details”
“Get off the F’ing road you idiot”

but my favourite is when you shoot a bad guy who just turns a corner to see you, and your charater says
“F’ing Muppet”

all with good London accents.

Cheers, Bippy ( who now has the Triads and the Soho mog after me )

What an amazing environment!

What an impressive physics model.

What a horrible, horrible game.

I’m hoping the whole story is good. So far, it’s just depressing.

As soon as I unlock the free roaming mode, I’ll probably never do anything else but roam. Question for the experienced: Do you have weapons in the free roam mode? Will Dempsey & Makepeace chase you, or do they ignore your crimes?

Nangleator at the opening credits (before you press start or X press…

You do have weapons in free roam, and the old Bill will be chasing :frowning:

Nangleator, should have all you need to know about the game & any other game.

Thanks, guys. I won’t feel bad about cheating in this game, because I’d much rather just get to the good stuff (free roam.)

A magazine writer once said of computer games that they come in three varieties: A toy, a puzzle and a game.

A ball is a toy. You just play with it.

Give me a hoop to put it through, and it becomes a puzzle.

Give me an opponent who wants to put the ball in his own hoop and it’s a game.

I prefer a toy, in this case.

The driving is amazingly realistic, and it’s incredible that they’ve actually digitally mapped real places.

The press pack’s great as well: the instructions are in a London A-Z.

The game is a bit sucky, but then I’m really bad at games.