Lonely in the age of telecommunications

It’s easier to find random and trivial information on the internet than to find real love. We all have the ability to connect to the interweb and the potential to send and receive packets of electronic data or real items to almost anywhere and anyone in the modern age. In theory, we are all connected to each other, and that’s a great advantage, but why do we, or some of us, still find ourselves lonely?

Social movements like the recent happenings give us the illusion that voices could be heard, but in reality, you’d have to be a lucky exception to reach your voice and message to the world.

Human connections can change the world, and we are looking for positive changes, but lots of dating apps and websites have been spoiled by many as a means to find sex partners or one-night stands, and many people like me don’t use them because of that. Social media could be of help, but mostly it’s for attention-seeking of blabbermouths and showing off, and there’s no efficient way to find real friendships or real love there. In the real world, it’s all about probabilities and chances, just like it was hundreds of years ago. You’re limited to your environment. Just like I am, taking a look through the window, looking at the mountains that have seen my misery in this country for all these years, looking at the moon, the same moon that all the people of the world see…

I’ve been trapped in a really awful country since I was born. A very isolated and sad country, unique in its own way, and in a situation only better than North Korea. I don’t like the culture and society here despite the fact that I always tried my best to socialize with the people and see the positive aspects of life. The majority of people here think of themselves alone, ignorant people with no mercy towards others or the environment.

As you might have guessed, there’s no easy way out for me here. The passport worths almost nothing, and embassies for the most popular destinations (ie. Germany) are unbelievably sluggish that you’d have to wait for an unknown period of time (2+ years) just to get an appointment for the student’s visa.

There’s no future for me here, as I have already let the best years of my life get wasted in this country “living” like prisoners in their cells.

But I still have the hope to find true love over the internet, someone who would love me and admire me, just like I would the same. A true companionship. Someone who would marry me and help me to get out of this hellhole.

Being in a long-distance relationship has its own difficulties and sometimes frustrations, I know. That’s my only hope.

Now the question is, where and how can I find my love of life? What should I do? Are there any websites or platforms for me? Should I advertise somewhere?

Your comments would be much appreciated.


Will you be wanting a check or will Zelle do?

Yeah, I was expecting that people would consider me as a “choosing beggar”. :frowning:

Cool! We might be neighbors.

Which country, just out of interest?

Of course not…! You would have included a picture of yourself as well as some subtle innuendos about how sexually adventurous you were if you were a “choosing beggar”.

After all, “Choosing Beggar’s Choose Gif.”

What’s wrong with my post?:smack:

Lacking practical advice for the OP, I can only supply the theme song for the thread.

Look, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times:

“No, Melania, I Will Not Sleep With You…!”

Wait… your misery comes with mountain views? Luxury!

No, it’s not what you think. You’re probably thinking of the Swiss Alps, but it’s completely different. Here it’s like a big wall of stone with ugly apartments and buildings in front of it.

Torrance beach?

No. I can’t even be there. It’s as difficult as landing on the moon for my nationality to go there.

Jersey, right?

I’m sorry to hear that. You’re English is really good. What other languages do you speak fluently? You could be a great translator or interpreter.

It’s not you. It’s me :slight_smile:

But it ain’t me, babe
No, no, no, it ain’t me, babe
It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for, babe

I hate to Godwin this thread, but

Thank you for being the only nice user in this thread. I’m learning German, but yet to become fluent in it.

Hey an optimist!

I gave up looking for love years ago. It ain’t gonna happen, so I needn’t bother worrying about it. It’s not something attainable and attempting to seek it is a complete waste of time.

But that’s me. You’re probably more of a catch than me, so good luck!