LonesomePolecat is too cowardly to call me a traitor to my face

In the midst of a back and forth on this thread about the bullshit claim that the desperate soon-to-be-former Senator “anal leakage” Santorum made that we had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the coward LonesomePolecat made this statement:

emphasis mine.

Calling someone a “quisling” is a reference to Vidkun Quisling, the prime minister of Nazi-occupied Norway. As Wikipedia says:

I am an American. I love my country and the set of ideals espoused in the Constitution. In fact, my love for my country is the closest thing to a religion I have. Unlike a subject, serf or slave, American citizens govern themselves and thus have a responsibility to keep tabs on what their country is doing and, if it is going in the wrong direction, speak out and do everything in their power to correct the course of the country. This is the price of freedom, and it is not an onerous one. Indeed, the contention between differing viewpoints is necessary in order to determine which ideas are the best ones. This open debate is democracy’s strength. I know this is an ideal that America does not always live up to; nevertheless, I continue to hold to it and exercise my rights as a citzen so that the American experiment in liberty may continue and serve as an example to a humanity that sorely needs it.

I believe that the perponderance of evidence indicates George W. Bush lied to start an illegal war of aggression in Iraq while allowing America’s more dangerous enemies to escape at Tora Bora. I have spoken out against this war at every opportunity that presented itself, and I will continue to do so. I believe Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and many others in this criminal administration should be impeached and removed from office. Furthermore, I believe that those who supported the war in Congress and who allowed the United States to invade a sovereign country without demanding a formal declaration of war shirked their Constitutional duties and should either take steps to rectify it or resign in disgrace. This entire Iraq war fiasco is one of the greatest failures and fuckups in American history. It has done untold harm to our Republic and those responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

There are many who would disagree with what I just said, and they have every right to do so, and I’m sure they’ll be along shortly to unload on me with both rhetorical barrels. But my beliefs, my speaking out about them, and my taking political action to attempt to right the ship of state are not treason. The Founding Fathers were very wary of accusations of treason, as the kings they were fleeing had used the accusation of treason to execute and imprision their political enemies. Americans don’t accuse each other of treason unless, as Benedict Arnold did, they openly make war against the country. Holding a dissenting view on foreign policy, especially when that policy has been as disasterous and horrifying as the Iraq war, is not treason. It is patriotism. Calling someone a traitor is calling them a criminal, and implying that they should be shot, as was Quisling. It is an invitation to politcal violence.

And yet, supporters of this misbegotten, damn fool war have made a habit of calling me and people of my ilk traitors, both directly, and, as in the case of the cowardly LonesomePolecat, indirectly. When I confronted the coward in the thread linked above, he refused to come out and call me a traitor to my face, because he is a scared little person who wants Big Daddy Bush to protect him from all of the nasty brown people and evil liberals. This is typical of his cowardly ilk: bloodthirsty, yet not brave enough to confront his enemies directly, face to face. They’re like skinheads in that way. Do you see cowards like LonesomePolecat picking up a rife and going to Iraq to put his personal ass on the line in support of his glorious war? No, the coward LonesomePolecat is too cowardly to even come out and say directly what he means. He and his ilk want to bypass and destroy our beloved Constitution because they are too afraid to be free citizens, with all of the responsibilities and risks that come with it. Instead, they want a king and war, and all of the power over their fellow citizens that comes with those things.

I’ve had it. I absolutely will not tolerate anyone calling me a traitor or implying that I am not loyal to this country, especially cowardly little men like LonesomePolecat. Perhaps I have been too hard on him, since it is obvious that he was conceived from the santorum that ran out of his mother’s ass, and his mental growth stunted by all of the crack she smoked while carrying him. But when I see reports from Iraq of all the people dying on both sides because of this horrible misbegotten clusterfuck of a war while new tapes from bin Laden surface indicating that the vile murderer is still alive and laughing at us while we fall right into his trap, and then I see shitheads like the coward LonesomePolecat throwing words around like “quisling” and “traitor”, I get very, very angry.

So, you fucking ill-begotten coward, I have articulated my beliefs. If you think my beliefs are treasonous, come down here and call me a traitor to my face. Otherwise, retract your statement and apologize. But be sure to wipe the blood off your hands first. If you can.

Hmm, it was passionate and articulate (imaginative insults, too). I give this rant: a 9!

If you get more than a “fuck you”, you’ll be doing better than me.

Clueless fuckwit seems to like throwing this kinda shit out but never backing it up with anything.

Best of luck.

If nothing else (and there really is nothing else), LP gets a smidgen of entertainment credit for using the term “Quisling”. You don’t hear that much these days.

And since he was spreading out the possibilities, how do you know he doesn’t consider you completely loyal, but also a “fool” or “defeatist”? :dubious:

Well, I guess we can rule out “coward…”

Unless you hang around Tommy Makem you don’t really hear that word used at all anymore.

Jaysus, ya don’t even hear Tommy Makem mentioned that much either :wink:

Improper use of the term, since no one has invaded us. That shows LP is ignorant. The rest of this excellent rant shows he’s a piece of slime. But he’s taking direction from the pieces of slime in the House, you know the ones who said the vote was for the US or aQ. LP must be getting his directions from the latest edition of the Bush-licking journal.

And I’m so certain that he had a cite to prove that there is very little doubt that Hussein retained the capability to manufacture chemical weapons and could easily ramp up production as soon as he succeeded in getting the sanctions lifted.

I just didn’t see him come up with that cite ever. Hmmmmm.

What exatly does it mean for a country to have “retained the capability to manufacture chemical weapons”? Is there any country that has advanced beyond the Bronze Age that doesn’t have the “capability” to manufacture chemical weapons?

You seem to have constructed a mighty fine cross to hang on. Why do you assume that LP was talking about you for opposing the war, rather than those who have advocated things that really do border on trason, like the unlawful overthrow of the present administration or the death of all U.S. service members in Iraq?

What’s “trason”?

Well, this is the third time I’ve been pitted, and I gotta tell ya, I ain’t optimistic.

The first pitting got off to a good start, but they very quickly got sidetracked into talking about actual ideas and issues and stuff and completely forgot about ME. I couldn’t help feeling somewhat cheated because, after all, I was supposed to be the center of attention and no one was talking about ol’ Polecat at all. The second time they managed to stay tightly focused, and their sincerity wasn’t merely touching, it was awe-inspiring. But there really wasn’t much creativity in it, none of the truly inventive and colorful kind of invective that makes you stop and giggle when you happen to think of it weeks, months or even years later. That was pretty disappointing. You can only get called an asshole by total strangers on the Internet so many times before you stop caring, ya know?

So let’s try to make this one special, and here’s how we can do it: post your flame in verse! Limericks are acceptable, haiku would be even better, but you know what would really blow my mind? A sonnet! And if you do it in Elizabethan English in a pseudo-Shakespearean style, I could truly die a happy man!

If we all put some serious effort into it, maybe, just maybe, we can make this a truly classic pitting, the kind that lives forever in song and legend. So come on, kiddies! Get out those rhyming dictionaries, and show your Uncle Polecat how much you really care!

Because when a turd is smeared against a wall, the extra dark bit made by a fingernail does not indicate a subtle gradation of meaning. It’s still just a smeared turd.

I have to second Weirddave here. I was reading that thread, and I definitely did not get the impression that LP was referring to anyone specifically. In fact, it seemed more as if he was referring to 4 separate groups of people. So perhaps he meant for you to fall into the “cowards,” “fools,” or “defeatists” category, rather than the “quislings” category…or maybe he wasn’t referring to you, personally, at all.

LonesomePolecat, you goddamned coward, am I a traitor or not? Don’t be afraid to say what you think.

Good answer to my question. :rolleyes:

I’m confused. Wouldn’t the real Quisling be Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki?

First, let me say that I took his post differently, as it was in response to one by Cervaise that was similarly hyperbolic.

That said, while I enjoyed your rant, I’d have to give it less than the “9” that Happy Clam gave it. I agree with you that someone can be agaisnt the war and think it the most asinine, most ill-conceived and mismanaged adventure this country has embarked on and still be 100% patriot. The one place I think your rant falls shy is in that I don’t see that he called you what you claim. He said:

Do you deny that there might be “cowards, quislings, fools and defeatists in the United States”? I have no doubt there are. I think that those who are against this war run the gammut, from the types that LonesomePolecat cites to intelligent, country-loving patriots who, with the good of the U.S. in mind, have concluded it was/is a mistake. I don’t see how he claimed that you were a quisling. Only that quislings exist and that they would turn a blind eye, etc. Now if LP is of the mind that ALL people who oppose the war fall into the categories he provided, that needs straightening out, which your OP will do anyway. So, al in all, 7.1.

That’s precisely the point. He can use the broad brush and hide behind excuses and generalities, but he doesn’t have the guts when confronted to back up his empty, warmongering words. But the accusation of treason is poisonous and insidious and, I believe harmful to the Republic. We’re all Americans. We all want what’s best for the country, even if we don’t agree on what that is. The other side are not traitors. “Quisling”, “traitor” and similar words cut off debate and demonize the enemy. He can call us defeatists (he’d be wrong), he can call us cowards (he’d be wrong), but “traitor” is going too far. It impunges my personal honor, and if he’s going to throw those words around as part of a broad brush accusation he’d better be ready to back it up.