Some Bush Supporters = Bunch of cunts

I’m sitting here full of xmas spirit(drink :wink: ) watching on split screen as I’ve got a fancy tv, Iraq bullshit on one screen and U2 singing In The Name of Love on the other and I’ve got to say one thing to several members of this board. FUCK YOU!!

There are people still posting on this board that called other members traitors because of their opposition to this clusterfuck back in the day. I’m not going to name names but you know who you are.

If you’ve only changed your mind because it’s now in your opinion costing too much money or American lives then fuck you. It always was a stupid thing to do and you were fucking wrong.

You’re a pile of cunts, nothing more, nothing lesss.

The horror in Iraq has still not made me anti American but it’s made this pro US Irishman very angry with your country and with the 51% of people that voted the moron back into power.

Now the U2 prog is playing Sunday, Bloody Sunday…. Sing it… NO MORE! NO MORE!

NO MORE!. Ya bunch of cunts. Sort thins shit out will ya please, for the sake of the world. Please for the love of all that’s good just sort it out……
ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH. 650,000 and counting. You fucking enabling bastards.

Happy fucking cristmas.

When the clusterfuck first got underway, there was a guy in the bar in Ohio I hung out in who called me a traitor. To my face. It was the nearest I’ve been to a bar fight in my life.

When I went to Ohio for my parent’s 50th in September, of course I wandered down to that bar.

“Y’know, Frank, I didn’t mean nothing by that.”

I will not forgive nor forget.

I can only imagine the level of anger that kind of shit would produce. I’ve been called anti-American and pro-terrorist by Americans thought and I’ve got quite angry over that.

I’ve also had an American from Florida tell me that I don’t understand what it’s like to be scared about terrorism. Seriously, somebody saying that to an Irish person is so stupid that it almost gave me a stroke :wink:

Oh, Bush supporters? Nah, used to be a bunch of them hereabouts, used to hear their mating calls in the woods when the wolfbane was in bloom. Hell, nowadays, there all hunted out around here, trapped out for pelts. You spend days up here, never see one, nor any spoor.

Have you tried reading aloud from The New Republic?

On the other hand, every now and again, if the timing is right, you just might see one.

For instance, just around here the other day, one was howling about how the liberal media is to blame for the lack of belief amongst Bush supporters about all the things they were reporting about how bad things are in Iraq, simply because they are always being so damn liberally biased.

Okay, come to think about it, you only see the retarded ones showing up any more.


Don’t let them forget. In a democracy the people are to blame. The US is in spirit , and reality, the greatest democracy that this world has ever seen. It’s not easy, it’s not meant to be easy, it’s just meant to be somewhat representative.

You said it best a few months ago IMO.


The winter of 2002-2003, I had a coworker, bright kid, electrical engineer designing state of the art drive systems for large equipment, very evidence-based approach to design – asked me why I loved Saddam so much when I answered his questions about the Bush push for war in Iraq…

Yeah, he came to believe the war was a mistake (probably before most of his fellow hawks), and even that he’d been lied into supporting it, but I think even now he doesn’t believe he had “any way of knowing” how much bullshit he was so eagerly swallowing at the time. -Doesn’t matter that I pointed things out before the fact, or that contrary information was available from other sources, or that the hard questions I asked for him weren’t satisfactorily answered or even acknowledged by the politicians beating the drums… no, he just “had no way of knowing” and it’s merely an unfortunate turn of events that those politicians turned out to be liars.

You’ll never get thanked for being right, but you knew that much. And unfortunately, you’ll never even be acknowledged as having had any insight at all. After all, you were just bitching about the war because you’re a loony lefty, or a fucking peacenik, or a damn America hater.

You don’t figure into the equation at all, really. The patriots were betrayed by lies, but there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with their patriotic impulses, you little fucker. And even if Iraq was a mistake, American military might can beat back terrism if we just don’t quit before the fight’s been won.

The sad fact is, the next time you’ll be vilified exactly the same way, by many of the same people as before.

Didn’t we have one guy who swore, up and down, that he had absolute proof of WMDs in Iraq, that he was heavily involved in the military, and that we’d all see for ourselves?

And since it came out that there never were any, he just stopped posting? And he wasn’t a short time guest, IIRC-he had been here for quite a while.

I’ll accept that burden. My motivation for changing my mind was different than those you specified, but I believe I still qualify for your scorn.

This is the time, this is the place. Please, have at it. Curse my name. Don’t think that I don’t feel guilt about it.

I wouldn’t expect you to do either, given the circumstances. For what it’s worth, I don’t recall saying that about anybody, but if I did you have my sincere apologies.

That was Bluesman. This was the most recent thread devoted to that topic. There are others.

Though we certainly had our share of arguments a while back, I don’t remember you going that far with me.

’Doors, you may be a weird mix of stand-up guy and True Believer in some key Amerkin myths, but for what it’s worth, I never heard you question either the patriotism or the morality of any war (or Bush) opponent. If you did accuse any of us, then I for one forgive you. But you need not own that particular guilt if you didn’t earn it on your own.

Those of us who knew better, but stopped objecting and questioning in “real life” polite company because it just wasn’t socially accepted deserve that guilt far more than you…

I’ve been thinking about moral leadership a lot lately. And I’ve come to believe that, in a society where whatever authority is present carries more weight than mere moral precepts and ideals, the true moral cowardice is in not standing up in every instance for what you have cause to know is right.

That famous Stanford prison experiment would’ve gone quite differently if even one of the “guards” had made himself a moral authority by standing up and saying “we can’t do this-- it isn’t right.”

Pity too few of us actually insisted on that when we could’ve made a difference.

I voted for Bush. I don’t regret it. Call me a cunt, if you wish.

Yes, the war in Iraq is progressing dismally. Unfortunately, wars can’t be fought in a way which is palatable to the American citizenry nowadays.

Eject the media, fight the war and get it done without the second-guessing, and we might not be in for the protracted issue facing us.

Yes dear. You had no way of knowing the war would go so badly.

Can I please ask you to explain how?

Do you mean without media scrutiny Bush would have sent in enough troops to have had a chance?

Or do you men that he would have went slower and built a real coalition to take down Saddam and build a new government?

Maybe you mean that without Media Scrutiny, the torture incidents would not of come to light and destroyed our honorable reputation around the world? Of course the last one came to late because some of the yahoos that perpetrated the torture where goddamn dumb enough to take pictures of it.

So what do you mean by your bullshit post?

I know, shoot them all and let God/Allah sort them out. Is that the one?


**Airman Doors, USAF ** I disagree with you on almost all things political but you are not one of the peope I’m talking about.

You have always been a person who was willing to think and change your opinions once you saw the facts.

I’ve no problem with people who have different political viewpoints than me. That’s what democracy and true freedom is all about.

You’re one of the good guys IMO. A right wing fuck, but still a good guy and a person who if you ever come to Dublin would have a couch(sofa) to sleep on or a person to share a pint with.

That the war in Iraq is progressing miserably, and would better be fought successfully were there no media present to report on the incompetence of the leaders of the war or to report on the war crimes the Armed Forces of my nation have committed is irrelevant to this thread.

The invasion was wrong. There was no reason to invade. The excuses for the invasion were lies.

My cunt wants an apology for this guilt by association thing. :wink:


Does that help?