Long live the King?

Like most people, I’ve heard rumors that Elvis Presley is still alive, but I had never taken them seriously. Then I stumbled across http://www.elvisalive.com What do you guys think of this site? Don’t bother posting if all you’re going to do is call people names or attack straw men. I’m interested in a serious discussion on the possability that Elvis faked his death.

Of course he faked his death. Faking the autopsy and sewing all his internal organs back together afterward was the tricky part. What is there to discuss?

tcburnett, are you telling me the tabloids would actually lie about this or anything else? Are you implying the millions who would buy and read them and believe them are all mistaken? Do you really want me to believe that? :wink:

Okay, you want serious discussion, you got it. If I remember correctly, one of the original reasons why people thought Elvis was still alive was because “it just didn’t look like him in the casket. The nose was all wrong.” However, I happen to know that this is not valid proof, because when I was recently at my grandmother’s funeral, she didn’t look like herself either. She always had a rounded, rather wide nose, and in her casket the embalmers gave her a hooked nose! I was told that because her body was shipped via air to her hometown for burial, they put something in her nose to keep it from collapsing. So, I assume they did the same thing to Elvis, not paying close enough attention to the way his nose actually looked. Another reason why I think he’s dead—regardless of all the rumors, he couldn’t hide forever! Someone was bound to spot him (the real him) sooner or later.

so is Andy Gibb. Andy only faked his death to get sympathy from Victoria Principal (it didn’t work). When I first heard this theory about Elvis being alive it actually seemed like there was some proof about it. After all, if anyone were to fake their death, he might. I heard Elvis had a slyness about him and a great sense of humor. But all this was over 20 yars ago!!! This story has been debunked so many times. How can anyone “dig up” this pathetic con job. Elvis is dead. R.I.P. !

Lor: Ah, finally some good discussion. I’ll just ignore the trolls cough-tcburnett-cough After reading the site, it seems that most of the evidience that Elvis faked his death is the personal kind, AKA “this seems wrong.” One of the more compelling pieces of evidence IMHO is the timeline of the funeral. 24 hours after his death, Elvis was already being buried. That’s pretty quick, especially for a celebrity, and really especially for an elaborate funeral involving a specialty coffin. Those who think he’s alive say that this was done to keep the number of people who could view the body to a minimum, because the body wasn’t his. They also suggest that certain things, like the coffin, must have been prepared beforehand. How many funeral homes keep 900-pound copper coffins in stock? There are lots of personal items that disappeared the day he died. They also say that Elvis wasn’t doing anything to prepare for his upcoming concerts. He was a 250 pound lardbutt at the time of his death (I’m not exactly a Greek god myself, but anyways…:D); none of his jumpsuits fit him anymore, so why didn’t he have any more made? His death cetificate says he weighed 170 pounds. That’s an eighty pound difference from his known weight! As with the timeline, the Elvis-is-alive people say that this supports the idea that the body wasn’t Elvis’.

Oh, and lots of people have claimed they’ve seen Elvis. The National Enquirer says he lives in Kalamazoo, MI, and they wouldn’t lie, would they? :wink:

Come on, guys… Do you think Elvis would have let his daughter marry Michael Jackson if he were alive?


Good point.

A phone rings in Kalamazoo:
*Hullo, baby. Elvis…er, John Smith speaking.

*Hi, daddy, it’s me, Priscilla! Guess what, I got married to Michael Jackson over the weekend!

*:eek:WHAT ?!?! :eek:

Elvis grabs the shotgun off the wall…
*Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m hunting Jacksons. Huhuhuhuhuhuh.

I can’t believe I’m going to out myself but…

Priscilla was the wife.

Lisa Marie was the daughter.

I just got back from Graceland.

No, I don’t think he’s alive.