The Elvis doctor - nutjob crackpot or story of the year?

So, this good old Dr. Hinton is claiming that Elvis lives and he is soon to be appearing on media everywhere. Check out his site here.

Apparently Elvis now goes by the name Jesse (in honor of his long dead twin) and is coming out for religious reasons. Sure, the doctor sure sounds believable (not that that means anything), but this is a little out there for easy believability.

Frankly, I’d like to see it happen just for the spectacle of it, but it falls into the category of “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Apparently Elvis now goes by the name Jesse…”

Oh my God- The Dancing Outlaw really is Elvis!

He’s alive. You all know he is. Keep your eyes peeled to the TV Guide Channel for the comeback special!

This has all the signs of a crock. Let’s all list them together…

  1. The claim is one which has strong commercial potential, and this commercial potential is being exploited, but the person exploiting it denies any commercial motivation.

  2. Proof (public appearance of ‘Elvis’ plus medical test) would be relatively easy to arrange, but is not on offer.

  3. What is on offer (photos of autographs etc.) is not proof.

  4. Excuses are offered in plenty as to why the proof will not be offered.

  5. The claim is not supported by any facts.

  6. Known facts do not support the claim.

  7. It is highly unlikely that anyone would have been able to fake the death of Presely without the help of quite a number of people. That all these people would keep schtum for so long is highly improbable.

I know, I know, an exercise in stating the obvious. Something to do while the kettle boils, I guess.