Long Lost Christmas Music

When I was just a child my parents bought this extremely cheesy album of Christmas music.

The name of the album was “Santa’s Helpers” or “Santa’s Elves”.
Dave Seville’s Chipmunks were very popular at the time and this album was a blatent ripoff of the recording technique. That is; the music was recorded at half speed while the singers sang slowly resulting in high shakey “Chipmunk style” vocals upon platback. It was by far the favorite album of my sister and me. My parents sorely regretted ever buying the album because sis and I played it over and over.

The album was released in either late fifties or early to mid sixties.

Each year I search for this album in old record stores and on the internet for clues as to where I can get a copy. I’m hampered by the fact that I honestly don’t have a handle on the actual name of the album or producer.

Hopefully there is some Doper out there who recognizes this and can give me more clues.