Long Shot- Anyone Have Course Catalog for Harvey Mudd, circa 1998/1999?

I am filling out forms for international field licensure. They have this awful form requesting the course description for every class you have ever taken in undergrad or grad school. I am having a horrible time finding info for two courses I took at HMC. Does anyone have the course description for either/ both of these classes?



If you have a Claremont Colleges course catalog for around that time, these might be in there. Very appreciative if you have info for one or both. Online archives only date to 2012.

Make ones up. If you can’t find an official description on-line, the examiners reading your application won’t be able to find ‘official’ ones to contradict yours.

Do your honest best to describe the courses accurately, of course.

How fast do you need it? Calling the Claremont Colleges Library or Registrar on Monday would get you the “official” version.

A big public or research library in your area may have a subscription to CollegeSource online or its microfiche predecessor. (The outfit for whom you’re filling out the forms may have their own subscription to check what you submit, so making one up could possibly backfire.)


Or, if you must make it up, do so - preferably with an asterisk or parenthetical statement noting, “original class description unavailable; reconstructed using available records” or something like that.

I used the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to find a ca. 1998 snapshot of HMC’s webpage, and this eventually took me to a link for their “1998-2001 course catalog.”

This is all I could find in the history section that was related to your question:

  1. Special Topics in History. Staff. A course devoted to exploring topics of
    current interest to faculty or students. 3 credit hours.

ETA: Here is the link, if you want it (Internet Archive link).

Total non-sequiter here. My brother went to HMC in the mid-1970s. He died in 1999 and his wife provided a robust endowment to the school in his name.

I couldn’t even NAME all the classes I took.

That’s basically where I am at. I can remember the topics, books, etc, but do not have the wording.

Thanks for the link, I’ll dig. That’s one of the issues- these two classes were one-off topics. Most of the other classes on my transcript are still basically the same (i.e. biology, psych, languages, etc).

My first thought seeing the thread title - this guy had a college?

I thought the same thing. :rofl:

I do not have this info, but just wanted to shout out as another Mudder. Looks like you were a couple of years ahead of me.

If not the registrar, the college archives might have old course catalogs.