Long shot: Identify this TV play

I realize my chances of getting an answer are remote due to the time frame, but it struck me this may also have been a stage play in addition to a TV show, so someone might have seen a revival.

When I was a kid, I remember this TV play. It was in black and white, which meant it was prior to 1964 and may have been in the late 50s. It may have been on PBS.

The entire play (possibly a one act) took place in a living room. There was a couch in the center of the set. In it, someone (a woman, I think) was on the couch running a terribly high fever and people were trying to help.

The thing resolved when it was discovered that the woman had a chicken bone lodged in her throat that was causing the problem. It ended with everyone being amazed at the size of the bone.

What sticks in my mind was one line, where a women complained how men thought her breasts were a control panel to get her to do what they wanted.

Any possible ideas?