Long-sleeved shirts: Can you button both cuffs after you put the shirt on?

It’s been awhile since I’ve worn long-sleeved buttoned shirts, but I still remember that I could never fasten the buttons on both cuffs once I had put it on. I could use my non-dominant (left) hand to do up the ones on my right sleeve, but not the other way around. If I forgot to fasten the left cuff buttons before putting on the shirt, I had to take it off before I could button it. (In a similar way, when I cut my nails I notice that the position of my hands and my way of holding the clipper is completely different, depending on which hand is doing the clipping.)

So, is this typical?

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Sure, I can button both cuffs. It’s one of the few advantages of being left-handed: we are forced to do so much with our right hands many of us become pretty good at it.

I’m right-handed, but my left hand isn’t entirely useless (comes from playing violin & viola).

I’m right handed. It’s a little bit clumsier to button the right cuff with my left hand, but not so much I ever thought about it.

Right handed. Fastening right sleeve with left hand takes a little bit longer than other side.

I don’t wear long sleeves as a rule, but last time I did I had no problems buttoning both cuffs after I donned the shirt.

Depends on the shirt.

I can button both, generally. But if the cuff is snug around the wrist (even a little bit), or if the buttonhole is tight, then I have a much harder time.

Sure. It’s not THAT difficult to button a sleeve with a non-dominant hand.

Right-handed unidexterous, normally no problem with cuff buttons, except for more extreme cases of what Senegoid said about the button placement or buttonhole opening being unsual in a particular shirt.

Right-handed dominant, but semi-ambidexterous (I can do a lot left-handed, and used to use my left hand as well as my right hand while drawing, which drove my art teachers nuts).

I haven’t worn long-sleeved button shirts in a while, but I never had any trouble with buttoning the buttons, and I was puzzled that folks do.

I’m basically ambi although I do have preferred hands for certain things. I usually write right handed but wear my watch left. Never had an issue with either button; even the tiny secondary ones most folks never use.

People normally do wear their watches on the non-dominant hand. Keeps them from being beat up so much.

Never even knew this was a problem.

I know. It’s with my dominant hand that I can’t do the other side, and that’s what seems odd here. If it were the opposite, I wouldn’t be curious about it.

What I *can’t *do is put a shirt on with the sleeves already buttoned. My hands are too big.

There’s no option for french cuffs. What am I, a farmer?

I can, but I only ever wear then with the sleeves rolled to my elbows, so it is a non-issue.

I can button both. I can also tie the laces, if I’m wearing a style of shirt that has laced cuffs.

Right handed and my left is pretty much useless except for the qwert side of the keyboard. I can manage to dress myself, including fastening buttons of both sleeves.

It never occurred to me that someone wouldn’t be able to do both.