Longer for Decaf?

I recently had to buy a new coffee maker. One that I looked at was a Mr. Coffee Restaurant Style drip coffeemaker. One of it’s big claims was:
Brews 12 cups of coffee in 3 minutes! (Decaffeinated coffee will take longer.)

Huh? Why should it take longer for decaf? I looked and saw no switch for Decaf mode, so how would the coffeemaker know it was decaf?

Cause after 3 minutes and 12 cups it’s still NOT awake! It takes longer to do things while it is bumbling around in a stupor. Is decaf ground finer? ( haven’t seen any decaf in years) maybe it just takes longer for the water to make it thru.Whats the point of decaf any way? seems like nearbeer or that new mild jalapeno.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx