Decent Decaffeinated Coffee?

Does any exist? I need to get some but, never having even tried any, don’t know what kind to get. Suggestions?

coffee? you drink that @%!* – coffee is the most disgusting substance on the face of the earth. I’d rather drink my own urine than drink coffee. If its cold I’m drinking hot chocolate.

but I hear that folgers is pretty good

Probably a specialty shop. A guy who sells gourmet coffees told me that decaffeination is an expensive process and good coffee beans are expensive too. So what usually happens is that most decaffeinated coffees are made from a blend of low quality, cheap beans. To get a better decaffeinated coffee, you have to go to a good coffee seller and pay a bit more for it than if you just bought the same caffeinated beans.

The best decaf I have ever had was from Starbucks.

The name of it? Beatsthehelloutofme. :wink:

Decaffeinated coffee. Now there’s an oxymoron for you. Why bother drinking coffee without the kick? Like drinking non-alcoholic beer, or eating carob. Blechhh! Coffee is no good unless your spoon stands up in it, and you feel like you’re going into cardiac arrest after drinking a mug of it. I sure don’t drink it for the taste.

Now, the pansies, uh, I mean people I know who drink decaf echo what 1967GTO sez - it’s got to be quality coffee. None of that grocery store swill. Whole bean, and grind it as you make it. If that’s too much trouble, then I suggest a cup of hot water, with all four colors of food dye added to it to make it turn brown. It’ll have the same effect.


For year’s I refused to drink decaf. But now if I want coffee after dinner, and the ability to fall asleep at night, I will drink it.

Outside of whole beans, Medalia D’Oro makes a bitchin’ decaf (as well as regular) in the convenience of cans. I keep a can of each in the freezer…use the decaf straight, and mix the regular in with my coffe beans for an extra kick.
mmmmm…makes a fine cup of joe.

Dire Wolf said everything I was going to say except this …

Kinoons - you are on the list, pal.
How dare you defile the good name of our Lord and Saviour, The Coffee Bean. There’s a burning stake with your name on it in my back yard! Heretic!!

Whoah, I think I ought to cut back a little.