Longest and Shortest Day Length in Chicago

Just wondering - what is the length of daylight in Chicago on the shortest and longest days of the year? Inquiring vampires want to know.


There’s no answer to this? Seriously, I did try to look this up, but while I find ample explanations that the solstice is the longest/shortest day of the year I don’t seem to find anywhere how long the daylight part of the solstice (either one) is. I would think that, barring a few milliseconds, it would be the same from year to year.

You could check with the local observatory. I assume there’s one in Chicago.

From here (first hit):
Link 1 Longest day = 15h 13m 31s
Link 2 Shortest day = 9h 07m 54s


This site will give you the sunrise and sunset times for one year. I’ve used it many times, wondering when sunset was going to get past 5:00. (Answer: For 2010, it was January 27, and it will get earlier than 5 on October 21 [except that we’ll still be in daylight saving time then.) Running some calculations gives 15:14 as the longest day length and the shortest as 9:08, which agrees with the previous post.