Longfellw's "Skeleton In Armor" Poem-Any Pictures Survive?

In the 1870’s a skeleton (allegedly that of Viking) was found near Fall River, Massachusetts. H. W. Longfellow wote a famous poem, based upon this find, in which he reinforced the belief that the remains were that of a Norse explorer. Unfortunately, the skeleton (and whatever “armor” it was wearing, werre destroyed when a fire destroyed the museum housing the rmains.
Do any contemporary pictures/accounts describe the finding? What was the “armor” like-was it of scandinavian origin?

According to Charles Michael Boland’s They All Discovered America (1961, pp. 236-7 in paperback edition):

Assuming that Boland got it straight, that doesn’t sound like “armor”, really. And I hasten to point out that Boland is one of thgose who believed that the Vikings really did land in New England, so if he’s this lukewarm about it, it’s probably a pretty accurate description.
as for the destruction or survival of the metal trappings, there’s happy news for you – they weren’t destroyed:

As he notes further down, Samual Kneeland about 1886 wrote a paper surmising that the brass parts were part of a belt, and the implication is that it was of English manufacture. the report is in the Twentieth Annual report of the Peabody Museum, Vol. III, #7, pp. 543-546. See also Philip Ainsworth Means’ book the Newport Tower (1942)

And, like everything else there days, it has its own Wikipedia article, which includes a sketch: