Longmire, 07/08/13

I suspect that the writers might be listeners of NPR.

Trains, Punks, Pictures And Books You Maybe Shouldn’t Read

I think they should listen to NPR more often. That was one of the better episodes IMO.

Why does there have to be a body (or three!) every single week? Don’t they ever have any meth lab discoveries or cattle rustling or auto theft rings in Absaroka County? The investigation could be just as compelling and maybe the characters could get developed a little more.

They did have a meth lab discovery recently as well as a pot farm last season - two episodes ago had a ‘mock’ cattle rustling.

They’ve had missing kids and several of other things, and character development is not something they seem to be short on.

Anyone else think that Longmire won the debate when Branch went to hide when the ‘crazy brother’ came in shooting the cap gun and Longmire went toward the shooter?

Yeah, this is my complaint as well. They made a point in season 1 about how unusual kills are in this 4-cop county. The arson episode didn’t need a dead body to be interesting. Neither did the cattle rustling, or several others. This isn’t a show about a Homicide squad, so let them investigate other crimes! There’s plenty of drama there, and you get to mine territory that other shows usually don’t touch.

New season starts June 2!

Yeah, the SO asked today if it was coming back. I read it would start filming Spring 2014. She set up a recording on the DVR, and it was like, ‘Oh, yeah. We’re in the middle of Spring!’

Can hardly wait.

Tune in tonight or set your DVRs! Looking forward to having Walt, Henry, and Vic back on my screen.

Free Henry!

Yeah free henry( couple horses outside?)

Request to remove the date?

What a good show!

I went ahead and started a season 3 thread: