A&E Longmire

Any one catching this on Sunday nights? Think it’s well done. Good story lines and Katee Sackhoff:)

I caught this for the first time during a marathon showing this past weekend. Liked it. Love Lou Diamond Philips.

Tried but couldn’t get into it. I don’t like much like the lead actor. I think they should have gotten Gary Cole.

Except for his refusal to use contractions. Annoying.

I’m thoroughly enjoying it. However, I wonder if the people in his part of Wyoming are figuring out that all the murders started when that film crew showed up…

Watched the first two eps. Rolled my eyes at how often they mentioned the sheriff wouldn’t get a cell phone (wow, you’re so retro-cool!!). Seemed like just another cop show with Starbuck in it.

Yeah, the whole thing about not having a cell phone seemed exceedingly precious to me, too. And the confrontation with Henry Standing Bear in the pilot required some real boneheadedness on the part of Longmire; someone drops a dime on “the Indian at the Red Pony,” and he immediately zeroes in on his longtime friend instead of considering that plenty of Indians probably patronize the place? But all that aside, I’ve generally enjoyed what I’ve seen and will continue to keep a spot in my viewing schedule for it. It takes me back to when I drove through Wyoming and was taken aback by how empty it was.