Longmire season 4 now on Netflix

I’m tempted to binge watch the whole thing, but I’m gonna try pausing after the 2nd episode.

I’m running out of series to binge-watch. I haven’t watched Longmire. Would I like it? What do you like about it?

It’s hard for me to say whether you’ll like it as much as I do. The acting is terrific. I think what I like most about it is the pacing, which seem a perfect match for its rural Wyoming setting. The Sheriff is a widower who’s lost whatever love he might have had for the job, and is chugging down beer as he goes through the motions, and is running for re-election because he doesn’t really have anything else to do. His own deputy is running against him, and much of the early part of the show is about the tension between them.

I really enjoyed the show; the sheriff is kind of like a modern-day Andy Taylor, complete with at least one doofus deputy. Most of all I liked the Wyoming landscapes, the complexity of dealing with Indian affairs, and how remote and isolated its locale feels, (unlike everything else set in California or New York).

Its actually filmed in new mexico or maybe nevada

It sounds good. I’ll give it a look.

Thanks for the reminder - We’ll queue it up starting tonite.

For those that don’t recall - Longmire was cancelled @ season 3 and NetFlix picked up Season 4 - lets see how they do.

I’m a huge fan of the Longmire books. Every time I start one, it’s like meeting old friends. They are extremely well written by a man who lives in a small town in Wyoming. While the series doesn’t exactly follow the book’s relationships, I enjoy it as well. I don’t see the Mayberry analogy at all. Ferg isn’t a doofus; he’s just under-appreciated. Walt is not at all like Andy Taylor; he’s complex, troubled and serious. My only quarrel is that the book portrays Henry Standing Bear as a very large man, even larger than Walt’s 6’5" personage. While I like Lou Diamond Phillips, he’s too small and not at all intimidating as the Cheyenne Nation.

I like what Netflix has done with the series. The characters are allowed to be grittier, with Vic being allowed to be more Vic-like.

I watched the first episode of Season 4. I enjoyed it. I certainly didn’t have any idea that they would go in the direction that they did. I thought they did a pretty good job of going back and forth between whether it was a murder or a suicide. And it looks like Henry Standing Bear might have a nice little arc beyond just being Walt’s sidekick.

I’ve also watched episode one, bloody hell!

The problem with discussing Netflix series is the fact that some of us will have watched more episodes than others, so discussion is problematic!

we’ve watched 1 and 2 - so far, so good - doesn’t look to have taken to much of a detour by being on Netflix.

I dunno. Vic was clearly trying to hook up with the sheriff, which was a big change from last season, and IMO a little creepy.

well, what I recall from the end of season 3, there was an implication by Vic’s husband/boyfriend that she had feelings for Longmire - so its not entirely out of the story - but otherwise agree - that seemed ‘odd’.

Remember, Vic is still recovering from that whole kidnap thing.

Major book spoiler:

Walt and Vic begin having a fairly torrid affair early on. The series keeps dancing around it.

Season four, far from wrapping the series up, leaves a lot of things hanging. Does anybody know if Netflix is going to go for another season? Can’t find anything certain on the web.

I’ve watched two episodes and I’ll probably watch them all, but I’m lukewarm this season. I think for me the problem is Vic fatigue. She was great fun in the novels, but her character was miscast, IMO, and increasingly grates as the series goes along.

Agreed. They really missed the boat with that casting. Vic is anything but a simpering ninny in the books. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the director that continues to fuck up that character. Longmire is pretty much perfect (for an Australian), although I sometimes pine for a younger Tommy Lee Jones, and Henry works well because of Phillips’ acting efforts. The series kind of stumbles along in the first season, but I gave it a chance and have mostly enjoyed it, despite departures from the books’ story lines.

Holy heck, but Episode 3 is powerful!

I’m so glad Netflix picked up this series.

Vic is one of my favorite characters in film and print! I just watched the 4th episode of the current season, and I was hoping we were going to see ‘Double Tough’ added to Walt’s crew; but I don’t think that’s the case. :wink:

I don’t get that vibe, but I too have read the books and have been waiting for it to happen. It’s not creepy in the books (at least not to me).

Also when Walt received the gift? letter? from the woman in season 2 or 3; and Vic put it in her drawer? I think it was showing jealously. I don’t see the relationship as creepy. I think part of Vic’s problem is that she has high standards; and Walt more of less fits that. I haven’t seen enough of this season to call Vic a simpering ninny, but I don’t think she’s been portrayed that way yet.

I was probably overstating. I just don’t like who they cast for the part, nor the way she’s being portrayed. Book Vic is tough, gritty and in your face, series Vic much less so.

I was probably overstating. I just don’t like who they cast for the part, nor the way she’s being portrayed. Book Vic is tough, gritty and in your face, series Vic much less so.

I’d like to see Double Tough also, but I think the series is too far along with established characters.