Longmire resolution

If you, like me, just finished watching season 5 of ‘Longmire’ you know they didn’t do the usual cliffhanger well okay, there’s the question will Malachi kill Henry. Astute watchers vote ‘no’ like they often do. How do you think Walt’s civil suit will play out? He’s the star so of course he’s gotta get out from under it sooner or later. The question is how?

What would you consider a satisfactory resolution to that particular story line?

Longmire, if nothing else, is a great storytelling vehicle. They’ve kept their plotlines going, and have intertwined them quite believably.

I did not see the “Walt’s Land” issue coming into play at all, and it kind of thrilled me when they said it.

The only resolution will be for Walt to actually focus on his case, and put his investigative skills toward it to show the conspiracy. I think he’s going to have to team up with Nighthorse, somehow, to do so – and I’m still not quite certain if Nighthorse is a good guy or bad guy in this scenario yet.

But the use of Nighthorses’ posts? Bloody brilliant move.

Its going to be a long, long year waiting for the resolution.

Interesting you mention the possibility of an unholy alliance with Nighthorse because I too thought that might come to pass. Part of you wants to like Nighthorse. He’s not the over the top bad guy that Malachi is, but at the same time you know how machiavellian he can be.

Or what if Walt simply transferred his property to Cady before the trial?

It’s not that easy. That’s why the lawyer just referred him to a third party and said (paraphrasing) “Don’t tell me about it.”

10 episodes just isn’t enough for a whole year.

I think Netflix is doing a good job with the show, but still wish it had continued on regular tv. I wanted to pace myself watching the new season, because I knew it would be sooooo long before anything new would be available, but I couldn’t do it. I ripped right through it and now the long wait.

Agree that 10 epis isn’t enough to last a year.

I also agree that some type of alliance between Walt and Nighthorse will be necessary to resolve the major issues. Whether this will involve Walt stepping across the line to the dark side, or bringing Nighthorse out into the light, is hard to say. The bridge that brings them together will likely be Cady as she currently has a foot in both camps and is willing to give Nighthorse the benefit of the doubt - at least occasionally.

Good point. Walt’s been known to break the rules when he sets the circumstances. I can’t figure Nighthorse out, he definitely capable of doing bad things; but like Walt, it seems to be when it’s for the right reason.

They really left a lot of cliffhangers. Most of the major characters have something unresolved! It would be easy to lose interest over the next 11 months (or more!).

Reviving this because the final season is on Netflix and I’m just finishing, and I felt a new thread would be overkill. Overall, I’ve liked the series but a few things left me cold. I’ll spoiler them, so no one stumbles on this before watching.

[spoiler]I felt that after the slow burn with Malachi for the last two seasons, the resolution played out too quickly. But I feel this happens in lots of shows that are ending, so maybe it is me.

I absolutely hated Walt and Vic getting together. Good thing they waited until the last episode. Too bad they didn’t wait until the very end of the episode so I could have turned it off and pretended it never happened.

I felt really bad for Katy. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” [/spoiler]

Anyone else watching?

I absolutely agree with everything you you wrote…especially point number two. I would have preferred that not happen at all.

I haven’t read any of the books, but wasn’t point #2 developed a lot sooner in them?

The plot point that bugged me was (not spoilering because it wasn’t introduced in the new season) the Vic/Travis “relationship.” I binge watched the entire series on Netflix, and all I remember is a flashback or two that showed them hooking up. I never really thought that she’d hook up with him, even in an “altered mental status.” And the resolution to that was a little too convenient.

I’m not a big fan of pregnancy plotlines, but if you’re going to do one, commit to it. I never really liked the Travis character. Seemed too “comic relief” for my taste.

I did like how Ferg developed into a decent deputy. Yeah, he cut a corner here and there. But he learned it from the best.

I love Graham Greene, but Malachi was a bit too…cardboard for me. Would have been nice to learn more about him. I didn’t really feel satisfied with his whole arc. His outcome was a 1973 Pinto, but it could have been a muscle car instead.

I preferred Katherine LaNassa to Ally Walker as a partner for Walt.

The civil suit ended a little too abruptly, in my mind.

Great show, though.

…the final scene was perfect. :slight_smile:

Sadly, we haven’t watched it since A&E cancelled it after Season 3. :frowning:

(We don’t have Netflix.)

Neither have I. If it was, hopefully it was handled much better.

Archie Ferguson may have had the shows best character arc. He’s the only character with substantial growth.

I agree with your second point too. UGH! It was awkward and yucky to me.

I didn’t like how Travis just disappeared.

I didn’t like how we never saw the paternity results.

Also, I cannot imagine Cady being a sheriff!

But after all of my rants, I still liked how pretty much everything was wrapped up at the end. It was a great series. One of the few my husband and I could agree on.

Just finished season 6. I agree with a lot of the points above, but I’m happy overall with the season as a whole and with the conclusion. I enjoyed this season much more than season 5.

Walt and Vic hooking up was a little weird, even though they were obviously steering in that direction. Previously he seemed more like a father figure for her.

I thought Cady had a much better arc this season than she’s ever had before, though I was hoping she’d do what she said she wanted and leave Wyoming instead of running for Sheriff.

Hopefully Ferg ended up happy. He did kind of go a bit crazy with his jealousy and suspicion about his girlfriend’s ex.

Happy to see Henry in his new gig.

Great final scene with Walt riding into the wilderness… and then answering his new cell phone.

I was more invested in Ferg winning his girlfriend back than most anything else that took place in the finale. I thought he deserved to have something nice happen to him.

Walt and Vic were a thing early on in the books, but there are a lot of differences between the books and the series, with the former being much more entertaining. For instance, Henry in the books is 6’4" with long back hair, and not someone anybody would mess with. Vic was a wild child who took no shit from anyone, least of all Walt. I liked the series, but was a little disappointed by the casting.

Vic and Walt getting together was just ridiculous. So was the idea of Cady becoming sheriff - it should have been Ferg. And come on - Walt retiring to search for buried treasure?

That having been said, the final scene with Walt answering a cell phone for the first timevery nearly made up for everything. Robert Taylor absolutely nailed the character, throughout the series.


My biggest disappointment was definitely Cady becoming sheriff. No one would vote for her. No One! To me it was eye rollingly stupid. The natural person to write in as the Sheriff was Vic. If you wanted to write a surprise candidate for Sheriff in there, I would have rather seen the capable deputy that Walt didn’t hire a season or two ago; but everyone knew he would have a good add on.