Look at any m/f couple. Who's usually more miserable?

The female.

You know why?

Because the men are so much more annoying.

Yeah, it’s sad to see all of those poor housewives being dragged through the mall by their husbands.

Fucko off.

This is a pitting? I give it a 2 for being nicely typed.

In fact, I find it more annoying than anything.

I’m vacillating between wondering why the hell this is in the pit and being amused at how perfectly this OP works as a free-standing proof of its hypothesis.

Now that I’ve got the tempers up and the blood boiling, you may all begin to understand why I hate this fucking place (office).

My fellow PM has no trouble sharing this bit of wisdom with me in the coffee room without an iota of shame or forethought.

I wonder how the joke about the wife with two black eyes would go over? :dubious:
*I’m not thin skinned. I’m really not.

You and your coworkers are prime ministers?

Project Managers. :slight_smile:

The “logic” in the OP is indeed ridiculous, but there may be something to the notion that couplehood is more beneficial in general for men than for women:

Why this should be so is apparently a pretty complicated question, and I think it’s safe to conclude that the answer is not simply “because men are more annoying”. :rolleyes:

Obviously, your cow-orker never met my first wife.

Kind of a loaded OP, but I’ll play.

I think the mall may be the single worst place for a couple to go. I have been on that particular trip many, many times.

I think the root of the problem is my willingness to defer to her shopping wishes. If she wants to go into the Pottery Barn, then I’ll follow, if she wants to go to the Z Gallerie, I’ll trudge gamely after. After a while, I usually end up in the ubiquitous women’s store with the hard iron bench, sitting next to three other bag-laden men, all trying to perfect the 1,000-yard stare.

So, to dovetail with the OP, I would say that situations dictate the miserable member. I wouldn’t want to bring my wife to a Cubs game.

Or was this all a whoosh? :slight_smile:

Based entirely on outside-of-couplehood observing, I would say that women are (and yes, these are container-ship-loading-crane-swinging-radius-sized generalizations here) far better at the art of deliberate anoyance, while men are more adept at unintentional, or found, annoyance (existential annoyance?)

Besides, women take their revenge in more suble ways.

We’ve all seen those couples in their 70s, dressed in identical white slacks, red shirts and blue/gold/green nylon windbreakers and matching hats and footwear. You don’t for a second think that the man had anything to do with the choice of wardrobe, do you?

So my 2 cents worth: all people are equally annoying, just in different ways.


I can get behind that statement.

I have a friend who sends me emails with men-bashing jokes in them. I don’t find them funny, and would like it if people would stop perpetuating the idea that men are anything besides individuals, just like women. (Yes! We’re all individuals!) It wasn’t funny when men made fun of women (in mean ways, like the two black eyes joke), and it isn’t funny now when women are making fun of men.

It’s “*male/female * couple”. I gotta say, the title was a lot more interesting the way I was reading it.

Nope. But the PC police don’t seem to mind, though.

Funny, I always thought that the people who got all twisted up over “anti-male” jokes were the ones being “PC.” Personally, as a male, I don’t much give a shit about “anti-male” jokes. Double standard? I suppose, but I just can’t get myself worked up over it.

Big whoosh. :slight_smile:

But that’s okay, I’ve had my share as well.

Just read my top two posts and you’ll catch on quick.


We’re just overjoyed as hell about having a life expectancy 7 years shorter than women, because women drive us to an early grave.