Look at you're grammar! Its terrible!

That’s right knothead, when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say, attack the username.

You couldn’t explain your way out of a wet paper bag as evidenced by the above statement which doesn’t make one iota of sense. Maybe when you get your education you can type something that does.
Now since this is your pitiful little thread I will let you have the last insult.

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

Do you not find it ironic that a man with a masters in business administration would complain about the price of popcorn at a theatre? If you don’t, just let me know, and I can explain it to you.

So it doesn’t make sense to you. You should have just said so; I offered to explain it. The phrase “biting the hand that feeds you” comes to mind.

Your education is based in business. The MBA is a degree that people get when they want to run a business, i.e. make a lot of money. So you have devoted years of your life towards getting an MBA (is that right? About 2 years normally? Actually don’t answer that, it’s a moot point), which leads me to the assumption that you must be interested in making lots of money. A logical assumption, no?

So you get to the movie theatre, spend a bunch of this money on food, then complain about it, even going so far as to suggest that they should not be allowed to charge such ridiculous (clearly displayed) prices. Surely a man with a reasonable grasp of economics (in which field I can only guess that you far surpass me) should realize that these people are simply interested in making a lot of money, too!

But you cry foul. A capitalist decrying capitalism, the pot calling the kettle black, hypocrisy. The irony is in the fact that you so freely condemn an ideology which you seemingly condone simultaneously. Does one expect this? I should hope not! One would expect you to realize that these popcorn hawkers are merely following the very same capitalist model as you. Surely there is an incongruity between what one would expect and what occurred, then! Do you understand that this is ironic?

You know, you don’t have to tell me that I don’t make any sense. It’s ok to admit that you’re wrong. Just take your fingers out of your ears and laugh at the fact that hey, it is kind of ironic.

Now I realize that some of my previous posts to (or at) you have been pretty weak droolings, but I have a few questions for you, and you can think about these last few posts:

Do you think that I am uneducated?
Do you think that I have a poor grasp of logic?
Do you think that am not unusually intelligent?
Do you think that my diction is unclear?

You don’t realize that I’m just screwing around on this board, and I laugh at any of my incoherent ramblings long before you do.

Bingo! you hit paydirt on the second try.

First of all, most ALL of your argument is baseless, due to the fact that you didn’t bother reading my post carefully, you just started assuming and that’s a mark of inexperience and stupidity.

I said in the other post * a masters in administration * YOU assumed it was in business. Here is the direct quote.

See that??? I got a flash for you sparky, a masters degree in administration can be in many areas. Did it occur to you that it might be in public school administration? If you were thinking logically you would have thought that through before shooting off your mouth, but you of course, are too busy trying to be mr. bigshot.

Second of all, you continue to make more assumptions and generalizations like this.

How the hell do you know they were clearly displayed. You weren’t there! As a matter of fact they weren’t clearly marked, they were behind hanging advertisements for coming movies! Probably on purpose… but that isn’t the point numnuts.
And thirdly my OP was about being gouged for high prices and you attempt to make it into a political debate about capitolism and ideology, something no doubt that you have read about, but probably never had to deal with in real life.

And the most ridiculous point of reference so far is trying to hang your case on the fact that I am a family man. You wouldn’t have any way of knowing this, but the true test of a man is raising a family, and that takes making and saving money with survival skills beyond your imagination.

But I know I am wasting my time and breath here.

Karma you might be an educated guy in real life…but you ain’t coming off that way on this board. Now I have answered your invitation that you extended in mpsims ok?

Now let me tell you one last thing…do not, I repeat do not come into mpsims or GQ inviting me to the BBQ pit. You can pick a fight here anytime, (which is what you did in The Skulls thread to start this), but coming to mpsims to pick one is being a jerk. I will gladly, if I so choose, debate you anytime in the pit should I want to waste my time doing so, but I enjoy the right to post in mpsims and GQ without your inane invitations to come to this pit. If you do it again I will email an administrator or moderator and ask them to unregister one of us. I will leave it to their discretion as to who they unregister…should they decide it is me then so be it.

Got it?

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Welcome to the Fabulous aha and KarmaComa Show!!!

I admit a foolish assumption on the MBA. However, you should have pointed it out the first time I said it (and you probably would have were you paying attention). As for you calling my argument illogical: it is perfectly logical, it is just based on a false assumption.

Here’s something:

So you didn’t look at the prices, but they were obscured by hanging ads. I get the feeling that you’re just making excuses for yourself.**

Well now, you’re making unbased assumptions about MY life now. Surely you can see the irony in that.**

Point 1: How far back are you going? To the Skulls thread, in which Manhattan raised the issue of family? http://boards.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000944.html So I didn’t pin it on family at all. While parenthood is certainly daunting, I don’t think childlessness precludes manhood in any way. But I really don’t want to get into that, since I didn’t even bring it up in the first place.

Yeah, got it, tough guy. I get the feeling that the board would be sans vous upon such a request, particularly considering that the post in MPSIMS was on-topic, a topic that you raised. I posted that message because you were putting on your holier-than-thou airs when I knew you weren’t done in here, which is kind of ironic. Yes, I’m going to say that until you cry like a baby.

For a grown man, you sure post a lot of ungrammatical insults (rats ass, numnuts, mr. bigshot). That’s just a reference to the OP.

Ohhh it’s your fault… but then it’s * my * fault, really that you fucked up and made a hasty assumption.

That’s real debate logic you got there karma. Last time I heard that rationalization I was about 10 years old.

I challenge anyone to read the above drivel and make some sense from it and the hilarious part is that you included the word popcorn in the middle of it …totally laughable.

Here’s your invitation below and the topic was about trolls…are you a troll?? If so then your answer was on topic, if not then it wasn’t. And it certainly was not on topic just because you say so.

You’re a dumbass karma, you will eventually hang yourself on this board with your Cecil insults and backing of trolls like The Urge.

Come to think of it I would never let a loser like you keep me from posting on this message board under any circumstances.
Your reply to this will be unread by me because it is insulting to my integrity to even be in any kind of debate with you.

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. I’m glad you find it funny to see a word you recognize in an otherwise foreign language. While I’m thinking of it, you never admitted your fault regarding the definition of irony. I have been known to admit my mistakes, you may save some credibility by admitting yours. I suppose it’s irrelevant, really, since a fourth grade music teacher doesn’t really need to know any concepts like that.

If you read the post properly, you would know that it was a Cecil question, not a Cecil insult. Not that I’m worried about support on this board. I doubt that I will frequent it past next friday.

That’s a pretty pitiful excuse for backing out of an argument that you’re using, in my opinion, aha.

Don’t hold your breath for KarmaComa to actually get a clue, aha. I’m still waiting for him/her to say something intelligible to response in the Anti-Americanism thread.

Karma, you’re a pissant. A mangy little pissant who just likes to pick fights. I pity any siblings you might have; surely, you’ve made their lives a living hell through your raging bellicosity.


“Y’know, I would invite y’all to go feltch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to all those who engage in that practice for fun.” -weirddave, set to maximum flame

Are you picking a fight with me, Corrado? Maybe I should get my twin brother on this board and have a tag team match.

Picking a fight, Karma?

You made an outlandish statement.
I said, “That’s outlandish, and here’s why,” then awaited your rebuttal.

If that’s picking a fight, well, then I guess I’m picking a fight.

And you’ll bring your twin brother? Wow, it’ll be like debating a Doublemint ad. Except I won’t expect as much intelligent discourse as a Doublemint ad usually contains.

Awaiting your reply,


“Y’know, I would invite y’all to go feltch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to all those who engage in that practice for fun.” -weirddave, set to maximum flame


Since you went through all the trouble to dig this up from weeks ago…

The Rape of Nanking was in 1937, years before the atom bomb. Are you saying that one led to the other? If not, how can you give this as any kind of justification for the dropping of the atomic bomb? To use a hackneyed cliche, two wrongs don’t make a right.

I can’t believe I replied to this.

You can’t believe you replied to that? Jeez, I guess the concept of actually discussing an issue with someone above the level of calling each other monkey-felchers is a bit astounding, isn’t it?

As for your comparision- My reason for brining this up is for the comparison of morality to prove a point. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was done in order to shorten the war- in essence, a hundred thousand were killed such that several million might live. The Rape of Nanking was the killing of two hundred thousand merely for the fun of killing two hundred thousand. There’s a bit of a difference there, and maybe one day you’ll figure it out.

Or are you still just trolling, as you admitted in another thread?


“Y’know, I would invite y’all to go feltch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to all those who engage in that practice for fun.” -weirddave, set to maximum flame

The point is, sill, that the “wah, boo-hoo, you nuked us” argument put forth by the Japanese gummint for so many years is foolish and hypocritical.

Allah on a duck, what’s so hard to understand about that?


Thanks for your patronizing, erm, patronage.

The Rape of Nanking was brutal and unnecessary, but that has nothing to do with the necessity of the atomic bombs. Japan was being bombarded with non-nuclear missiles, their defenses on perimeter islands had been taken over, and they were under a sea blockade. Without the bombs, it still would have been unnecessary to make a land invasion. The Japanese were already defeated.

I never brought up the behaviour of the Japanese, and you presented it as some kind of red herring. The actions of the Japanese eight years previous have no part in the American decision.

While the Japanese complaints are hypocritical, it is pointless to try to justify the American actions in this way.

Also, it might be argued that the issue does not end with the death toll, but rather goes on to the societal and biological effects of the atomic bomb.

Really. In that case, *why hadn’t they surrendered?[/]i If they were so obviously defeated and had no hope left in fighting, why did they not surrender before the atomic bombs were dropped? For that matter, why didn’t they surrender after the first atomic bomb was dropped upon them?

Or would you suggest that we merely blockade Japan and wait out the eight to ten years it would take to make them surrender?

Ah, yes. Let’s blame the Americans for consequences they hadn’t forseen and that scientists had not predicted.


“Y’know, I would invite y’all to go feltch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to all those who engage in that practice for fun.” -weirddave, set to maximum flame

Well I guess since they didn’t know what they were doing, they shouldn’t be held responsible. Is that what you’re saying?

It was estimated by the American military that the war would have been over by October '45, once they ran out of Japanese targets to bomb. Don’t tell me it would have taken ten years for the war to end. You know as well as I do, I hope, that that’s a load of bullshit.

You say that they didn’t surrender after the first atomic bomb. They were only given three days between droppings! It took them longer than that even after the second bombing. Are you saying that they should have dropped a bomb on the 12th as well? Every three days?

Do you want to know why they didn’t surrender? They didn’t surrender because the Japanese people believed Hirohito to be a god, and they could not surrender, risking their god. Even to the end, the Japanese military leaders were opposed to surrendering, and it was Hirohito himself that ordered the surrender. They were completely defeated. They had no offensive power. Don’t tell me that you don’t think there’s a difference between defeat and surrender.

You’re obviously in over your head. You thought that you had me, but your knowledge of the issues at hand is clearly superficial. You can just quit while you’re not too far behind, it’s all the same to me, but I doubt that you want to continue to display your own ignorance. Just because you can name-drop a Japanese atrocity it doesn’t mean that you know what you’re talking about. You should have let it go, Corrado.


In my understanding, Nettiquette (sp?) stresses that it is considered rude to correct someone’s spelling and/or grammar on the internet. It was a person’s thoughts and ideas that were important.

Now, I am just driven NUTS by many of the errors I see cropping up in people’s writing. (My NUMBER ONE big gripe is people using apostrophes in plural words - “cat’s” instead of “cats” - meaning, more than one cat. ARGHH.) However, I am aware that I make many errors myself. I am obviously unaware of them - otherwise I’d correct them.

HOWEVER, I have refrained from correcting anyone, (except in the case of Mark Serlin - who you all might remember was an annoying irritant who did not deserve politeness.) It’s just rude to do so. Also, as another post here has mentioned, we don’t have an edit button here on SDMB. So many times I see I’ve written something poorly, wished I could correct it - but no dice, too late.

If someone were to start a thread pointing out (without pointing any fingers) the most common spelling and grammar errors, and how to avoid them, that would be one thing. But let’s not insinuate that someone is ignorant or that their ideas are not worthy of respect because of their poor spelling.

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Okay, karma, let me make sure I’ve got your position straight.

Dropping two atomic bombs on Japan was a much more horrible crime than extending the normal bombing of Japan by three months.

The deaths of hundreds of thousands of Japanese due to convention bombing would have been preferable to the deaths of tens of thousands due to atomic bombing.

Am I right on this? If I don’t have your position correct, how do you think the Allies should have ended WW2 other than by using atomic weapons?


“Y’know, I would invite y’all to go feltch a dead goat, but that would be abuse of a perfectly good dead goat and an insult to all those who engage in that practice for fun.” -weirddave, set to maximum flame

I have a confession to make. In a recent post, I accidentally used “here” when I meant “hear” and sometimes in a word that has an “i” and and “e” in it, I get them backwards. Please forgive me. And let’s not talk about WWII in this thread anymore.

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