Look at you're grammar! Its terrible!

OK, WTF is up with a bunch of supposedly educated people on this board with these grammatical peccadillos?

your you’re - This is the most common one.
it’s its - Usually just laziness
their there they’re - Also very common
hear here - Who ARE these people?

I always wondered why they had these questions on government exams. Why can’t people get this stuff right?

I hope the title of this thread was intended as a joke (WRT you’re)


And its. How ironic.

Once again proving the rule that nobody can make a post criticizing someone else’s grammar without making a gramatical mistake of their own.

Wow. One more “woosh” and we’ll have a hat trick…

Yes, but the hat would go right over my head.


Karma, sometimes you have to except that some peoples highschools (where her and me went to school) didnt stress some subject’s as much as you want for. If we lissen to eachother we will here what there saying too us.

(Now I must kill myself)


What does Cecil say about brain farts?

Haven’t you ever typed quickly (heck, maybe slowly) and found that you goofed on a really simple word? Not just misspelling – but sometimes substituting a totally different word?

It’s usually the little words – Dopers seem to ace the big ones!

And buck up Bucky! A good friend used to say there’s nothing so bad that a sandwich can’t fix it. (Or something like that.) Here’s some thin sliced roast beef, sour cream and horseradish sauce, on dill rye, with alfalfa sprouts. And a pickle.

You left out to for too and (a surprisingly common one) loose for lose.

I am usually suffering from lack of sleep and am highly caffinated, which accounts for most of my errors. I just posted in another thread “their” for “there”, and I could just kick myself.

Oh well, ain’t none of us purfict.


Animals are crapping in our houses! What, did we lose a war?

don’t forget ‘a lot’ and ‘alot’

Allright! Now hears a topic deer to my hard.

Coldfire, whi iz yorr deer hard? …

Well, its a mute point, anyways.

::ducking and running::

Typos, temporary insanity, laziness. The fact that there is no edit button. I am partial to incomplete sentences.

Irregardless, the fact are eniment.May be if you wood lightin up, you wood’nt loose alot of good ppl on thes board. Your all a bunch of geeks.

“Ohh, looki at me. I now how to spel good.”

Your all pathtic.

Granted, many of them may be simple slip-ups, but these happen with disgusting regularity, and are seldom accompanied with enough sarcasm to provide ensuing hilarity. BTW, dopers get the big words right because they think about them.

Karma from your post in Urges dumbass thread:


I take exception to the bastard part.

Oh and what are you trying to say when you say things like, ( irony again.)

Do you mean sarcasm?

Here let me help you.
** Sarcasm **
A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.
** Irony **
The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.

Got the difference? One last thing stupid…there is no hyphen in my username.

One of the few to be personally welcomed to this board by Ed Zotti.

Yours truly,

Yes, please! My lunch presently consists of diet Coke and pork rinds. The students bring it to me, I eat it, but it’s killing me.


I had a strange feeling that you were going to squirm out of that thread. I appreciate the opportunity to shoot your sorry ass down.

The hyphen is a mocking reference to the band a-ha.

You obviously don’t understand irony because you consulted a dictionary and are still confused. There is a difference between irony as an occurrence and irony as a literal device. Let me provide the more relevant definition from your misused reference:

Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

Do you not find it ironic that a man with a masters in business administration would complain about the price of popcorn at a theatre? If you don’t, just let me know, and I can explain it to you.

You’ve got your dictionary, all you need now is a user’s guide for it. Thanks for ‘helping’ me. I can’t believe that someone would display such unjustified condescension.

I assume your undergraduate degree was not in the humanities.