Look at you're grammar! Its terrible!

this is my first post.
i make mistakes all the time. grammer and spelling. in fact i had an old girlfriend who would devote 5 page letters just for corrections of spelling. those letters would go straight into the trash, not because i was bitter about being corrected, but because it was a waste of time. it’s to late for me to change. or maybe i should say it would not be worthwile for me to fix all my falts. besides with all the new fangled software comming out, i’ll just leave it up to my computer to fix it. not here (or is it hear) though. i plan to just let whatever my fingers type to fly out for all to read.

Please excuse my spelling. i recieved my education in the United States.

Two that haven’t been mentioned that I hate:

Wierd for weird and noone for no one.

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother.