Lookin for a job *sigh*

I work for a very small public relations company and it looks like our biggest client is going to pull the plug. So in two weeks, it looks like I’ll be out of a job. On the plus side, my boss told me this now so I can be looking for a job. I thought that was nice of him. On the negative side, my budget won’t allow me not to work for even a week. On the plus side, I’m a really good waitress, and they are always hiring servers in my area. On the negative side, I’d really like to get a job in the communications field rather than food service. On the plus side waitressing was the highest paid job I’ve ever worked. On the negative side I have to put up with stupid people.

sigh Well, whatever. . .

That is if Chim-Chim’s up to it!

Sorry to hear racerx.

Also on the plus side, however, your chosen ‘sub’ job will allow you to continue to job seek efficiently (whereas if you had to sub at temp agencies etc, it would be more difficult).

I often suggest that sort of standby while you’re job seeking ‘that perfect’ job. Currently have a client working as a waiter, he’s got a Masters in Business. (also has a felony, and is currently on probation), so if you aren’t that, chalk up another couple of ‘pluses’ for you!

Chiefy! I haven’t seen you around and was getting worried. :wink: Chim-Chim is always up to it!

wring I know what you are sayin about the flexibility. I also won’t have to work as much if I get a waitressing job because I’ll be making twice as much as I’m makin now.

Just last night I was thinkin that I would love to be a karate instructor in a few years, after I get my black belt. So maybe I’ll hold out for that!

Babes bearing black belts… bitchin’!

I trust that this “job” involves some some form of sexual degradation of racerx, because I’d hate to learn that this board was being used as a recruitment tool of the US Navy.

Yeah! We gotta’ maintain some standards around here!