Looking for 1970s ad

I have been trying to find a magazine ad for a while - no big deal, just want a copy for the files. It ran in NatLamp, maybe Heavy Metal, maybe some of the adult magazines. I’ve browsed pretty much all of the NatLamp-on-disc and found other ads for the same company, but not this one. Maybe someone with a late 1970s Penthouse collection?

The company is California Cooperage, who made the traditional redwood hot tubs of the era. There are many that have happy couples etc., but only one that has a brunette, arms crossed on the top of the tub, looking directly at the viewer. She May Be Naked. Usually ran in a tall one-column format.

Google Image searches have come up dry, too. Anyone?

This one?

I remember the ad described. One of there ads on this pagewould never get published today. Here’sanother onethat looks familiar. But I think I know which one you’re talking about, just can’t find it.

Peter M: fuggin’ amazing. I love this board…

Thanks! (That broad has haunted my dreams for yearrrrsss…)