Playboy is going PG13, so that’s the end of naked girls. And an era.

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Here are all the centerfolds (those that were 15-16-17 not included).
Funny to see the change over time.

Perhaps Miss November 1995, Holly Witt and Miss December 1995, Samatha Torres are the prettiest. Currently I’m trying to determine the most impressive bush.

NSFW people.

I’ll have it be known that I’m a private business owner, and at my work Playboy centerfolds are SFW.

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You’ve been here plenty long enough to know better.

I’m so sorry to hear the magazine will soon fold, ironically after all those years I spent unfolding it.

Sure, but think of all the navels that will be spared stapling.

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IS it going to fold? Can you link to a cite?

I haven’t heard this. All I know is that they’re losing the nudes, I suspect in an effort to get their magazine stocked in more places and purchased for institutions that traditionally haven’t (like most libraries).

There is no declaration that they will soon fold. The writing is on the wall, and the pictures aren’t on the wall anymore, so things may not go well for them. Also, what chance does any print magazine have of surviving anyway?

Playboy has a current circulation of 800,000. That’s remarkable for a magazine that’s been a joke for decades. No question there’s an audience for it. Taking the nudes out means they can get into Wal-Mart and 7-11 and those tens of thousands of outlets that banned them. My bet is that circulation is over 1,000,000 by this time next year.

Maybe ten years from now there won’t be a magazine. Short term, Playboy is a business and this is good business news.

Rune, if you like 90s Playmates, I suspect you’re much younger than I am. :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting take on the subject. It seems to assume there are a lot of people that don’t buy the magazine only to look at the naked ladies, and a large number of people who would buy it if only there weren’t pictures of naked ladies in it. Perhaps it will turn out that way, I think within a year they’ll lose more readers than they gain, but occasionally it is possible to underestimate the tastes of the American public.

I thought the move to non-nude was more for the internet side of things e.g. so their links aren’t banned on so many websites.

What’s next? Dogs and Cats living together in Peace and Harmony?

Amazing that the centerfolds from 60 years ago were a thousand times sexier than those of today. No boob jobs, no piercings, no tattoos, no shaved bushes (insofar as you can tell), no collagen, no slimming diets, no photoshopping…

(I suspect their IQs were appreciably higher, too.)

When I get filthy rich, I’m going to clone these to be my private “nurses.”

Miss October 1954, Madeline Castle.

Miss February 1960, Susie Scott.

Miss January 1963, Judi Monterey.

Miss July 1966, Tish Howard.

I suspect that was part of their motivation for this change. All major app stores forbid apps with adult content, so it’s difficult to distribute adult magazines electronically.

I got the new issue yesterday. I haven’t really looked at it yet but, from just flipping through, it looks like they’ve changed quite a bit. It’s also larger and the paper is different.

Debatable, but Miss July 1956, Alice Denham, who was gorgeous and had a wonderful figure, was a writer who had Playboy reprint a story she published as part of the deal for Playmate. She worked as a nude model to subsidize her attempts at writing in the 50s. She eventually published a few novels and even became one of the founders of NOW.

Her memoir, Sleeping with Bad Boys: A Juicy Tell-All of Literary New York in the the 1950s and 1960s is both fun and sad in the depiction of women as appendages to the male ego in that era.

Playboy, BTW, rejected all other stories by her because they refused to have female by-lines in they weren’t tied to the centerfold. “U. K.” (Ursula) Le Guin finally punctured that, but true female bylines waited until the 1970s.

I’ve never seen Playboy banned from 7-11. Usually it’s kept behind the counter and the front of the rack hides the cover below the title.

Apparently, Playboy’s foreign edition issues still have nudes.