My Angel is a Centerfold

This song just came on the internet radio while I was reading SDMB.

Resulting a string of firing (and misfiring) neurons.

Culminating in the question.

Have any of you or your SO’s ever been in an adult magazine?

My closest claim to fame was somewhere around '97 when Playboy did an article about adult BBS’s and the board I was running made the listings for the state I was in.

I had a very brief fling with a girl who at one point (and maybe still does) wanted to be a model for I think she did send in some “application” pictures, but I don’t know if they even contacted her or what, since I never really kept in touch with her.

Nope, not yet.

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Really? Didn’t you see the new Williams-Sonoma catalog?

Nope. Although I did once happen across a photo on the internet which I’m 99% sure is the sister of a friend of mine.

I did date a girl who, according to a different friend, was featured in some “Goth girl of the week” site post-breakup. She was clothed though, I believe.

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::hangs head in shame::

Nope. Closest I ever came was a girl who was a class ahead of me at the University of Washington posed for one of Playboy’s semi-regular “Girls of the Pac 10” issues. I didn’t know her (and since the UW has about 35,000 students, my chances of crossing paths with her were rather small) but a friend of mine did. He told me she was a drama major. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I know this is different but a girl who I knew fairly well in high school did end up on Bernard Goldberg’s list of “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.”

Whoops! Missed that one. Didn’t mean to recycle a thread that had been spun out that recently.

But since it’s going I’ll let it run. Enjoy!

I briefly dated and am still very close friends with a girl who did a shoot for A girl I dated about a decade ago had been a nude dancer and done shoots for porn mags in the late 80’s. Another woman I dated in 1989 had been an artist’s nude model, as was another girl I dated in 1993.

I’ve never knowingly dated anyone who did hardcore, but it has long been a fantasy of mine to do a hardcore film/photoshoot with a girlfriend.

Closest I got was two of my ex’s doing pictures for local advertising and such. wearing clothes. To the best of my knowledge I’m the only one who has pictures a little less clothed.

I did some nude artist modeling in my wild child last college year. (I did tell my ex-boyfriend about it since we do still keep in touch. Not exactly the stuff of songs, but what is?)

When I was in grad school, one of the other students was supposedly in Playboy. I’ve never seen the cite, though she did run one meeting in a see-through blouse. She was the ex-gf of my officemates husband (quite a den of iniquity we had going there.)

And we won’t mention a certain actress I knew when she was a kid.

An acquaintance and a friend of my sister was a lingerie model for Sears. She was a really sweet girl and smoking hot. Totally out of my league.

Someone I knew casually later posed for a skin magazine. That’s the closest I have.

I’m told I did, but I heard about it 10 years after the alleged event, and 15 or so years after the last time I saw her. Girl we went to high school with worked at the same place I did and was an incurable gossip - “Ohmygawd, did you know L was in Playboy?”
When someone talks as fast as that coworker did, it’s easy to believe half of the stuff that comes out isn’t true but is only the result of randomly misfiring neurons causing the mouth to never stop moving.

And, to top it off, it was freshman dating and not really a “significant other” as specified in the OP.

I never dated her, but the homecoming queen my senior year at a small-town HS appeared the following year in Playboy’s “Girls of the PAC-10” feature, representing Washington State University. It was a single, tasteful photo of her lying on her side with one breast … one small, perky, perfectly-formed breast … exposed. Naturally, since this is a small town, it was reported on the front page of the local newspaper.

I spotted her at my 20-year class reunion, and she looked exactly the same as she looked in high school.

I’ve slept with a couple of men who’ve been in Playgirl and one former porn star, and briefly dated a guy who posed for a magazine that was about two steps above home-made but did have national distribution.

Was she from Wenatchee? If she was, I think she was in the same issue as that girl from the UW that I mentioned previously. This was around 1985 or 1986.