Looking for a 9/11 conspiracy documentary

I teach grade 9 chemistry and a student asked if jet fuel could melt steel. I knew exactly what he was on about. I’m not sure what his dinner conversations are like with his family but I do want to set the record straight for him.
Could someone recommend a fair, unbiased documentary on the 9/11 conspiracy that is available online?

Assign him a paper on the subject of steel strength vs. temperature.
Here’s a resource to point him to:


Paper pffft! let’s go to the video


Is that the video where the guy says he’s heating the metal up to something like 600 degrees hotter than jet fuel burns, and then how about that, the metal bends?

Assign him a paper? Are you serious?
This is grade 9 applied science. The kids can barely string a sentence together.
I’m ecstatic that a student asked a great question like that and showed some interest in the physical properties of materials.
I already showed them the Mythbuster’s segment on the Hindenburg. They loved it.

I thought I would show them a video that gives them and little history and a bit of structural and material science.
Any other suggestions?

Try “9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction” that was on History Channel. YouTube has it.

This documentary marked one of the first times, if not the first, that Dylan Avery finally admitted the total duration of Seven’s collapse.

I think the PM issue about 9/11 might be helpful…

I think blood63 is looking for an opportunity to use his curious student’s inquisitiveness to teach him about physics, not simply to debunk his ideas on 9/11. With that, I’d suggest three areas:

  • How hot would the fires need to get to weaken steel enough so that it’s no longer holding a building up? For example, if the building was designed with a 3x safety factor, how hot does it need to get to lose 2/3 of its strength?

  • What would happen if a piece of steel was held in place at both ends but heated up to those temperatures? How much would it try to expand, and what would happen if it couldn’t?

  • How hot can a jet fuel fire get? If hydrocarbon fires can’t get hot enough to melt steel, then how did people melt iron and steel in the centuries that hydrocarbons were the only source of fuel they had?

That was good. It was slow at the start so we jumped ahead. It changed the mind of the young lad who was convinced of a government conspiracy.
Thanks for that.

Glad I could help.

Obligatory xkcd link.