Looking for a C.S. Lewis quote

Hi, ya’ll. A few years back, when I was in college, I went to a showing of the BBC version of C.S. Lewis’ life, which I believe is called “Into the Shadowlands”.

In this production, there was a quote from C.S. Lewis that I subsequently located, but have lost long ago.

To my recollection, Lewis was talking about coming out of depression or grief. He refers to a man standing in complete and total darkness. It’s oppressive; he can’t even see his hand in front of his face. After a little while, though, there is a change. He hears the sound of wind rustling through trees, and suddenly he knows he is outside. While nothing has truly changed, and the darkness has not lessened, this represents a change in his perception of the darkness, for he knows that dawn will be coming.

That’s the gist of the quote as best as I can recall it. I’m not sure which work of Lewis’ it comes from, though I suspect it’s either Surprised by Joy or A Grief Observed.

So, Dopers, can anyone help me with this?

The movie you saw was Shadowlands:


The quote is probably from A Grief Observed, but it would take me a while to dig up the book and look it up, and I’ve got to leave in a minute.

Yes, it sounds like a quote from A Grief Observed.

I have the book at home. I can look it up when I get there.


As promised:


THANK YOU BOTH – Wendell for correcting the movie title, and Shodan for supplying the quote! I’ve looked for this for a while. It’s much appreciated.

As always, Dopers can be counted on!