Looking for a good gardening discussion board

I have recently looked at a few gardening discussions boards and it seems that they generally are not well-organized and there are many posted questions/threads with no responses.

I know that I am spoiled by the richness of SDMB, but I was hoping for something a bit more active.

Any recommendations?

In the olden days I would have suggested Gardenweb.

Traffic is down significantly on some of their myriad forums. A few at least seem pretty active still.

Facebook groups generally offer a lot more discussion and often expert advice.

thanks. Just checked out Gardenweb. It’s pretty good.

For the Facebook groups, can you recommend any in particular?

My experience on Facebook is only with specialty gardening groups - figs and gesneriads for example. There are ones for perennial and vegetable gardening you might want to check out.

Another long-time set of gardening discussion forums is hosted by Dave’s Garden. I’ve never participated in those, but there’s an online vendor ratings site that’s part of Dave’s Garden (called the Garden Watchdog) that’s extremely useful for evaluating nurseries.

Both tomatoes and chili peppers have avid gardening subcultures. The forums focusing on those two generally have lots of discussions about other vegetables as well.

Since I got you all here, can anyone recommend a dandelion/weed puller? I want a handheld one, not on a big stick or foot powered. It seems a lot have loops or lever brackets to cam the root up but are they any good? It seems gimmicky. My last one was just a simple forked rod with a handle. The handle just snapped after at least ten years of good use.

Dandelions seem to be having a pretty good year.