Looking for a home for a golden retriever puppy - dfw

My Grandfather-in-law had a dog named Coco. It was really devistating for him when Coco passed away after the death of his wife.

After a few months he decided that he wanted another dog. I found an older Golden for him, but he wanted a puppy. I feared the worst, but what can you do?

We got him a purebred golden puppy. We took her to Man’s best friend for a two week training session. She has lifetime lessons which I believe would be transferable.

The problem with Maggie is that she is a puppy. She leaps up at my G-i-L and knocks him over! She claws at him and his arms are a shred. None of these are because Maggie is a bad dog - it’s because he simply isn’t up to training her.

Maggie is 4 months old and is a golden color (as opposed to a more blonde color). I don’t have any pictures.