Looking for a new TV - any recommendations?

The ol’ Zenith I inherited from my Grandma’s apartment is letting me know it’s not long for this world, so I thought I might start looking around this weekend for a replacement. It’s got a 27-inch screen; I would like to get something a little larger, maybe 32 or 36 inches (beyond that would be too big for the entertainment center I have, and frankly a little too hard on my wallet).

I glanced through CNET’s info on televisions, and while it was helpful for getting a better idea about what features are available, etc., I’ve had mixed results going with their recommendations in the past. So… any thoughts out there about flat screen vs. curved tube? Standard vs. wide screen? Televisions with great color and those that look terrible? Let’s hear it!

I think you’re going to have to narrow your price range down first and then decide which features you want in a tv. Will you be watching mainly regular tv programming or dvd movies? Are you interested in HDTV? What type of connections are you looking for (DVI, component, etc.)?

I’ll point you to a forum where they love discussing televisions. It can be found here:

From what I’ve read, they really like the Zenith C32V37. Personally, I’m saving up for a Sony Grand Wega (KF42WE610).

This is the best 32" for price/performance


You’ll kick yourself everytime you have a glare if you don’t get a flat screen.

http://www.consumersearch.com – all you need to know

I’ll second flat-screens, but I don’t care for Apex, which as far as I can tell just has price going for it. If we’re talking standard TV’s and not HDTV’s, I recommend the 32" Toshiba flat-screen, the 32AF43. Better price ( though fewer bells and whistles ) than the competeing Sony WEGA and, IMHO, more vibrant color.

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