Looking for a performance by Mayte

I’m looking for a video of Mayte doing “House Of Brick”(her rap version of the Commodores “Brick House”), but I’m drawing a blank. Help?


I’m not familiar with it but a quick check confirmed she is the Mayte I was thinking of - Prince’s ex. If written or produced by Prince you’d have to try to find it on his website. He has had full control over the distribution of his music.

I’m sorry but the best I can do is a YouTube channel for Mayte but apparently made by someone else. There are videos for If I Love U 2 Nite (taken right from VHS but decent quality nonetheless) and I Want You Here (an unreleased demo), but I can’t find House Of Brick anywhere.

I’ll add it to my list of things to hunt down, tho. I have a pretty good track record with that kind of thing but it may take me awhile.

I found another YouTube channel devoted to Mayte with a few other songs but not HoB.