Looking for a roadside ruin

It’s somewhere in a southeast city. I drove past it over 15 years ago, so maybe it’s gone. When they built the Interstate or freeway, they had to cut down an old viaduct that ran perpendicular to it. They didn’t remove the whole viaduct; they left the approach, which went up, and then was abruptly chopped off. I think there was a bunch of kudzu on it, which wouldn’t be a surprise. Anyway, the thing stayed with me for some reason, like it was evocative of who knows what. I keep thinking Chattanooga, or Memphis. Thanks!

Have you ever been to Vicksburg, MS?
There is a kudzu covered abandoned overpass. Not sure what highway it was. I remember it to be close to downtown.

Thanks, Beck. I don’t see it, but I’m still looking.

Could you tell us what route you took?

Unfortunately no. This was back when I was the world’s shittiest otr truck driver. I was everywhere except home. This viaduct was probably pre ww11 concrete rising up out of a depressed looking neighborhood commercial area, iirc.