looking for a sculptor named Wright

Around 1994 or so, I came into possession of a bronze brain. It’s roughly life size sits atop a narrow pedistal that itself is on top of a mirrored base. The cool thing about it is that hidden in the sulci and gyri are faces, symbols, and animals. its a very cool piece. The sculptor is someone named Wright. By the markings on the base I think it was created in1990 and I have number 6 of 250. I’ve googled for a while and can’t seem to find the sculptor. Various permutations of “wright sculpter sculpture bronze brain, donkey turtle faces” have led me no where.

I just wanted to find out a bit more about the artist and their work. Can anyone find this person for me?

Is it Deran Wright? No brains on the site, but do his other works there seem similar?

But I didn’t see anything that led me to believe it was him. Though after a second look, the eagle head on one of his pages looks like it is on a very similar pedistal.