Looking for a small brass inline eductor

Looking for a small brass inline eductor with a garden hose connection on either end.
This is needed for emptying a sump pump pit on loss of electrical power.

So far looking for it via Google has not shown exactly what we are looking for - they all appear to have only one end that is threaded for attachment of a hose. We need one that is threaded on both ends to allow for hose connections through inlet and outlet. If anyone have a link to an image of one (or better yet, a site where these may be purchased) we’d be greatly appreciative.

Thanks all ~

A venturi pump? This kinda thingy? This one’s plastic, but it’s intended for emptying ornamental ponds not siphoning fertilizer (etc) so it might have a better flow rate.

CMC fnord!

Could you just get male to female and put this on the end?

if the device comes out to a smooth tube then you might get a hose, cut the end off and fit it on the tube and fasten with a hose clamp.

Oh, that should work fine with a standard one. Though I think the outlet diameter tends to larger than the inlet diameter (might be wrong).