Looking for a song: who sings it?

There’s an old song called “Only You”. I know it’s been covered a number of times, and was done long ago by The Platters. However, the version I’m looking for is a little newer (but not new by any means).

I need a download of it, am willing to pay. But I searched Wal-Mart music downloads, and since I don’t have an artist’s name to work with, I got over 500 hits.

Part of the lyrics:
Only you
Can make this world seem right
Only you
Can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
Can thrill me as you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

So, help me out, Dopers! I’ve got a friend who is lovesick and thinks he really needs a copy of this song!

Ringo Starr’s version was very popular in the 70’s.

Ahhh! I believe that’s who I was thinking of. For some reason, I was briefly thinking Art Garfunkle, but that didn’t really seem quite right. . .

Frustrating, because usually, I’m the one that people come to and say “Who sang this song?” and I can say “Well, originally, it was so and so, then about 15 years later, so and so did a cover of it that rocked, and then about five years ago, so and so did a cover of it that sucked, and then. . .” :wink:

Have to jump in here and say, the definitive version was done by The Platters.

One of their biggest hits.

Are you looking for “a” newer version, or a particular one you heard but don’t know the artist?

Either way, go to AllMusic because they have short samples of a ton of songs. Yes, you’re likely to get 500 results for “Only You”, but they will be sorted alphabetically by artist and you’ll be able to hear about 30 seconds worth of most versions so you’ll probably know when you’ve found the right one. Good luck!

It’s actually a friend who’s looking for it (he has no internet access, so asked me to find it). Given that said friend is in his mid-20’s (whereas I’m 45), I strongly doubt that the Platters’ version is the one he was looking for. I’m thinking it’s Ringo Starr’s cover of the song. I’ll be seeing him later this weekend, and I’ll play him the clip and let him decide.

Thanks for all your help, guys!

The Platters version gets brought back to life every now and then, for things like films and adverts, so it’s not that much of a stretch that it’s that one. If fact, I’m in my early thirties, and I’m very familiar with their version, and can’t remember ever hearing the Ringo version.

Confusing Ringo Starr with Art Garfunkel doesn’t seem quite right to you? Could there be two less similar male voices in popular music? Gaaaaah!

That “quite” being italicized like that was meant to be the teeniest bit tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes I suck at conveying humor. :wink:
Actually I think my brain was confusing “Only You” by Ringo Starr with “I Only Have Eyes For You”, another 70s cover of a song almost old enough to be a “standard”, and that one really was Art Garfunkle.

Are you sure they aren’t asking for the Reba McEntyre version? Check out this search for Only You and You Alone to see all the artists that did this song.

Adding, I’m fond of Louis Armstrong’s rendition of the song, myself. :wink:

From who do the lyrics come from, you or him? Someone that young is probably at least as familiar with this “Only You” as that one. Anyway, you can download the Platters version for free here.

When he said to me “You might know this song, Only You” I sang him the first verse, and he said that was it. So I’m sure I’ve got the right song. When I called him yesterday and said “A friend said Ringo Starr”, he said that was it.

Zabali_Clawbane, I’m sure it wasn’t Reba he was after. Clearly a male singing, and you really couldn’t mistake Reba McIntyre for a guy (I wouldn’t think). But thanks for the link!

**Harry Connick, Jr ** did a nice version of the song on an album of covers he did a few years ago. The album was aptly titled, Only You.