Looking for a Stephen King quote...

Yes, a quote.

Written sometime in the 1980s, very likely from Danse Macabre, and I am looking for the exact quote (source and page references would be cool too).

The quote goes like this:

I put white in parentheses because I think he actually said “white”, but I could easily be conflating things I’ve heard since the 80s.

Anyway, if y’all find this, I’ll be forever in your debt.

I’m a big King fan, and I’ve read Danse Macabre several times, but it doesn’t ring a bell to me.

Was it King’s son? “I’ve written about vampires, I’ve written about devils and ghosts, but what’s really scary is a white man with a gun.”

He wrote a short piece of non fiction that I think was a Kindle exclusive called Gun. Maybe that is it?

Good job, The Other Waldo Pepper!

I’m sorry, tOWP, but Owen is riffing off the very same line I remember, as I’ve been quoting S King on this for well over 20 years.

It is not Owen Phillip King who said that. It is Joseph Hillstrom King, who writes under the name Joe Hill. Who looks and writes like his father.

Shit, yeah, sorry about that.

But the original source is still Stephen. :slight_smile:

Stephen has given us so many good things. Even his replacement. :slight_smile:

Trust me, that line is NOT from Danse MacBare!

This presumably isn’t the right King quote, but I figured it’s worth a mention (and, as it’s the right timeframe, may do a good job of just pointing at THE DEAD ZONE): “Ever since John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, the great American bogeyman has been the guy with the rifle in a high place.”

I don’t think Stephen King can ever be replaced. He is a one-of-a-kind true Maine original.

And if you haven’t read 11/22/1963, do so.