Looking for a Superman Story

Over the decades, I have done (obviously incomplete) searches for a Superman story that I only very vaguely recall. I’m almost certain that it was published in the '60s, due to other memories of my RL location at the time. The real rub is that I remember nothing of the actual story, save for a single panel. In this panel, Superman was face-down in snow, lying in front of a large Buddha statue, which was apparently made of Kryptonite. I got the impression he was dead. I think he was wearing a parka and other ‘civilian’ clothes. I have a very vague impression that this was part of some kind of retelling/flashback, that someone else was recounting how Superman eventually died.

It may well have been a mention of Superman in one of his own books, a team-up book of some kind, Legion of Super-Heroes talking about the legend of the great Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, I dunno. I know I’ve given only the vaguest of clues, but I don’t think I can add anything else helpful. But I do know that if anyone could provide the answer, it would be a Doper! Thanks in advance!

P.S. When they get the subscription thing fixed, somebody wake me so I can sign up. The SDMB is my main source of discussion, and has been for a very long time now. When I can, I want to give back. To that end, thank ALL of you for making each one of my days more interesting, for varying values of ‘interesting.’ :wink:

That sounds so familiar. Could it have been, given the timeframe cited, an imaginary story? Could it have been Clark Kent in front of the statue, in one of those “split by Red Kryptonite” stories?

I only have the vaguest of ideas how that panel might have fit into the overall story. What I know for sure is that Superman was laying in the snow apparently dead because of the huge Kryptonite statue of Buddha. Being an imaginary story seems entirely plausible. But if he was indeed split, would Clark have been killed by the statue? As to why he was there in the first place, I had a niggle awhile ago that he was on a journey of discovery? Maybe trying to find monks, but found his weakness instead?

Another detail: I’m pretty sure his skin was completely green from Kryptonite radiation poisoning.