Looking for a Technical Term: Newspaper section

Hi from Germany,

I am a translator looking for a technical term in English that describes a physical section of a newspaper:

A newspaper (like USA Today) consists of many pages. These pages, folded together are grouped in sections. Several of these sections folded together make up the whole newspaper. I am looking for a term for these sections - not something like “the sports pages” or “the politics pages”, but the physical object.

For German speakers: the German term is “Zeitungsbund”.

Did I explain that right? Maybe I should mail my degree back where it came from …

Thanks for your suggestions!


I really think “section” is the term you want.


yeah. you’ve got your Metro Section, Sports Section, Arts and Liesure.

Section, yeah.


synonyms for section according to MS Word. (grain of salt)

I think HRH is on the money. Section is probably your best bet.

Thanks - that’s what I thought. The German word is a real technical term used by printing staff. A layman would use the German word for “sections”, but printing staff use a different one.

We use “section” to describe the part that contains the front page. The other parts (we put them inside the front section) are referred to as “inserts.”
I don’t know if that’s the common terminology, or just what we call them at our newpaper.

From The Glossary of Printing Terms:

Not specifically about newspapers. but pretty much the same.

There is a technical term from the book & magazine publishing industry (…but I don’t think it’s used in the newspaper industry…)that fits your description: “signature.”

A signature is what you get when you print many (say, 8 to 64)book-sized pages on one giant sheet; the giant sheet is then folded to the size of a page; for larger books and mags several signatures are bundled together; the signature(s) is staple or stitch-bound at the spine, then trimmed along the top, bottom and one side.

Fear Itself, maybe “section” is what they call a bundle of sheets that are folded and bound in the middle (gutter) in England, but in the US of A it’s a “signature.”

“Signature” is a book bindery term, but it is not used in the newspaper industry.

The two consecutive pages in the center of a newspaper section that appear on the same piece of paper are called the “truck”.

Not that that adds anything to the discussion.

bodypoet, thanks for sharing that - this sounds like it may be what I am looking for.

Fear Itself, thanks for the reference!

Thanks to all other posters as well, this is quite instructive

Insert really isn’t accurate, however, as (outside the delivery area) it usually implies an ad.

I vote for section.