Newspapers with numbered or named sections

Don’t know whether this goes here or under the Cafe section, so please move as applicable:

How many papers in America have it to where the sections are numbered or named, instead of using letters like A, B, C, D, E, etc.?

What I mean by this is in terms of pagination (page numbering).

For example, the Chicago Tribune has it to where the sections are numbered (main news is section 1, local is section 2, sports is section 3, etc., and each section has its own count [pagination is expressed as section #, page #]). The Tampa Tribune, on the other hand, uses its section names in pagination, IINM, so that you’ll see page numbers like Business-3, Sports-5, etc.

I’ve seen it several ways. Do you expect someone to have conduct a survey?

Nope! Just wondered.