Looking for a thread...

It’s the one about the maddeningly familiar quote, “That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t do anything.”

I’ve tried various searches to no avail. “IMDB Futurama Google answers”, “Hitchhiker’s Guide Futurama” - I remember those were some of the possibilities people suggested for the origins. Why can’t I find it?! I remember it got moved to Cafe Society but I’ve tried searching all forums, all dates.

The mind-boggling movie quote?

That’s it! Thanks. How did you find it? The problem I had was that the words in the quote are so generic as to be unsearchable.

I cheated.

When that thread was first started, I thought perhaps the brains over at the American Dialect Society Mailing List might have some insights, so I posted the link on their board. It was easy to search their archives for “what does it do?” and hit the link back to our Board.

Alternatively, I could have just said “I’m magic” but then I’d have to listen to a lecture from the ‘twee’ guy.

I suppose I could write an Op, but why do so and give the hamsters more work? I am looking for a thread, after all, add the OP already has the answer.

Basically, I would like to explore the issue of how I believe that many on the right see arguments and posts through their own blinders. Sure, some do on the left, but it seems more evident to me that the right does it more. ( :rolleyes: Yeah, I know what you are about to say.) I tried an admittedly useless thread on this, but I could really have stated it better.

It occurs to me, however that this must have been discussed before. Typing bias into the search engine comes up with 343 results. Typing it in as a thread name comes up with 48. However, I was rather hoping for some recommendations of threads which discussed this issue. Anyone?

Sounds like you’re getting started right here.

It also sounds like a Great Debates question. I’ll alert the moderators of that forum of your wishes here and let’s see what comes up.

your humble TubaDiva

Thank you, but I already gave it a try. Unfortunately, I kinda combined two different legitimate points and a kinda-pitting into the same op, and so I do not trust my judgment right now to write one. Maybe tomorrow I can make a fresh try of it, but for now but I was hoping, to be able to review past examples before starting a new one. You have been here for a while. Surely you can think of one example?

But really, it seems like I am trying to combine two different things. One is where people knowingly, or unknowingly read a strawman in place of a post. Examples are everywhere, but the problem is that not everyone would agree that blinders really exist in this example, but that I am the one with the blinders.

The other is when it is clearly evident (to most people) that the post has no bearing on reality. The poster sees a point being made, and pulls out a response from their [del]ass[/del] hat, which not the least bearing on realty, even less basis then with political strawmen. Furthermore, they appear to be mistaking effect for cause. Real world examples include banning books, such as a science book because it "turns our children away from Christianity ", or a book giving positive mention of another religion, such as “Anne Frank” for the exact same reason. I can think of a recent example of this in a cafe society post, from the 30 Days: My So Called Life as a Muslim thread. However, I fear if I were to link to this example, and only this example, it would appear I am trying to pit someone. I am not, however, but instead simply trying to give an example.

Anyway, until I sort out how to describe them better, I am out of look on starting an OP. If TubaDiva, or anyone else wants to email me suggestions, or start their own thread, feel free.* However, really, what I want to know is what the original OP of this thread asked. I am looking for threads which gives me an example of this being discussed. Someone must have run across something in the 6+ years this board has been online, or from the newsgroup , or from the AOL board. TEACHER’S VOICE: Bueller? Bueller? GIRL’S VOICE: He’s sick. (pause)My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass-out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

*Just as long as you credit me, that is. :slight_smile: